I am such a sucker for the holidays – I smile when I see Christmas stuff  in stores on November 1st, listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” all year round and leave our Christmas tree up until almost February (and yes it’s real, and yes every needle is on the floor before it reaches the garage). My favorite part of Thanksgiving is right before dinner when my family goes around the table to say what they are most thankful for over the past year – the salty tears are a great appetizer before we load our plates.


Most years picking one thing I am most grateful for is a challenge. However, this year I have had so many conversations with my husband regarding what I am most grateful for – that he could talk for me and nail it…

Two years ago we had a year of MAJOR transition as Joe went back to school full time. Put mildly, the first year was a disaster. Along with stress (copious amounts of stress), came suppressed immune systems and lots of sick days. After begging the universe for a break, the opportunity to be a part of Prescribe Nutrition dropped in my lap when Katie told me that a super cute, hilarious and witty blonde was going to be visiting her from San Francisco to talk business (enter Megan). Katie and Megan giving me the opportunity to be apart of PN has been a lifesaver. Not only are they dear friends and the world’s best bosses, but they have given me and my family tools to survive and thrive in incredibly stressful situations.

This year became “the year year of the gut” at our house as we focused on repairing and rebuilding our gut health. And as a result we have been much more healthy. From heavy doses of probiotics, eating fermented foods like its our job and cutting out foods that cause inflammation  – we have seen amazing benefits. I hate to jinx us, but its almost December and we have yet to see a sniffle even despite the fact that we have a preschooler.

In every program PN has run, stress management has been a discussion because of the havoc it can wreak on our bodies. Joe and I  learned the hard way last year that stress management  is not something we had mastered. Yoga, meditation, making a healthy night’s sleep a priority and focusing on communication has changed our lives. A yoga class can be a day-changer and having a set time to shut down for the night has drastically improved our sleep.

Last but not least – maybe actually most 🙂 – I am thankful for the opportunity to watch other people transform their lives through Prescribe Nutrition. One of life’s greatest gifts is the joy we can take in watching others succeed. It has been incredibly inspiring to hear from countless people who feel like they have gotten their lives back. Most testimonials have me in tears – and who doesn’t love a feel-good-cry?!


So thank you, thank you, thank you Katie and Megan! Watching you two pour your heart and soul into Prescribe Nutrition is incredibly inspiring. I know – because I have had the blessing of witnessing – that you two have transformed hundreds of people’s lives, mine included. You are both so damn funny, kind and smart – but what I love most is that you two give it your ALL. Every program. Everyday. 100%.

So many x’s and o’s,