Who doesn’t love a holiday weekend?! While we truly stand behind the motto that “life is not a diet,” there are always some ways to make some painless upgrades. Making simple shifts will result in a more PN friendly celebration along with feeling a whole lot better the days following. The getting “back on track” feels far less painful. You can enjoy your holiday while staying committed to your goals!


  • Plan ahead on snacks. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or just attending a BBQ, be prepared!
  • Eat breakfast. Set yourself up for success from the start of the day. Have a satisfying, filling, nutrient-dense breakfast Studies show those who skip breakfast consume more calories throughout the day (and suffer from afternoon sugar cravings!) Breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy and in our lives, it rarely is. Create your own version of egg muffinsgreen smoothie or figgy muffinsPack in those nutrients!
  • If you’re going to an afternoon BBQ or meeting up with family/friends to celebrate, have a snack or small meal before you go. It’s easier to say ‘no thanks’ to tempting snacks and treats if you aren’t “hangry” and ready to grab anything in sight.
  • Follow a 1:1 ratio if/when drinking. One glass of water for every beer, glass of wine, cocktail, or shot. You gotta meet in the middle if you want to see results and feel better the next day. But this doesn’t mean no fun, just smart fun.
  • Move it! No need to get an extra hardcore workout in before the weekend – just be mindful of your movement. Play a yard game, go swimming, go for a walk with your relatives or friends to catch up – just make a point to move a little.
  • Take a step back to remember what these weekends are all about – maybe it’s about celebrating the actual holiday, maybe it’s about the company you’re surrounded by, or maybe it’s your chance to set work aside for a few days and just enjoy life. Take the focus off the food and drinks to truly appreciate your weekend!



What food to reach for at the BBQ:

  • Meat – load up on grilled poultry, seafood and even enjoy some red meat (it’s a BBQ!), but stay away from the bun. Pile on sauerkraut, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, avocado, and mustard. Take it easy on the cheese and ketchup – ketchup is loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar.
  • If you’re a vegetarian, we suggest bringing a dish to share. It may be hard to build a well rounded meal from ‘traditional’ BBQ potluck foods. Some easy ideas to round out your meal: egg salad, lentil based sloppy joes, quinoa + veggies + vinaigrette, your own concoction of rice + beans + veggies + aioli or vinaigrette dressing.
  • Sides – veggies should be your go to. Fill your plate with fresh, grilled, sauteed veggies. Stay away from creamy pasta salads but if there is a mayo based potato salad or broccoli salad in attendance – it’s all yours.
  • Dessert – unless you’re bringing a treat to the party that we would give a stamp of approval to, enjoy fresh fruit as your “dessert”. So bright, fresh, and tasty this time of year…and you get to miss out on the sugar coma.