Today we have the pleasure of having the lovely Christina Sandok as our guest contributor. This amazing Momma is not only a wonderful friend of Prescribe Nutrition, but a huge smarty pants when it comes to health & wellness. Oh, and read ALL the way to the bottom for an amazing giveaway from WholeMe + Yumbox

Christina is the founder of Style-Architects, a content creation & influencer relations agency. She was recently named “Business Owner of the Year Under the Age of 40” by the National Association of Women Business Owners – Minnesota Chapter. She is also the mother of a spirited sweet 4 year old (Amelia) and geeks out on health and wellness. Follow her on Instagram or read this blog post to get a glimpse into a typical day juggling work/life.

photography by the amazing Wing Ta of Canary Grey

We all know how we feel after a day of eating junk while traveling – that dull headache, the fatigue, an uneasy stomach and a touch of irritability. The same applies to our little ones, although they are generally not as good at dealing with it as we are (which isn’t saying much).

We end up carrying them through the airport bribing them with more treats to avoid yet another meltdown, and tolerating more than we can handle. Wouldn’t it be great if our kiddos arrived at our destination feeling energized, nourished and somewhat level-headed (gasp!)?

The elephant in the airplane is the air quality, with germs circulating throughout the petri dish called the cabin. Ewwww. Our immune systems are vulnerable, and aside from disinfecting your tray table and seat, a powerful safeguard is to eat healthy foods will help boost your immune system. Hello, vitamins…peace out, germs.

With a little planning on the front end, your trip’s success won’t be derailed before you arrive. The key is to start with REAL food and layer in some of the healthiest packaged snacks available. Sorry people, this means leaving the Goldfish crackers, cookies and gummies at home. PSA: Unfortunately even the organic snacks are still filled with sugar. You can read more about WHY we need to avoid sugar here. here. and here. Eating in the airplane usually involves lots of distractions (movies, iPads, new people) so you may be surprised at how easily it is to get kiddos to eat healthy options.

Step ONE: Involve your kids in packing their own snack boxes. They are basically mini meals filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains and protein options. Put out options for them to choose from (with all the options being good ones). Rinsing, chopping and placing them in the little compartments (or their own baggies) makes them feel responsible for the snacks that they select. Avoid lecturing them about how healthy these foods are…instead focus on pointing out the delicious flavors and vibrant colors. We love Yumbox! The snack size is perfect for short flights…and the standard size is ideal for flights that fall over mealtime and/or longer flights.

Here are some ideas to get started: Any/all veggies (snap peas, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, etc), any/all easy to grab fruits (sliced apples, berries, sliced melon, or unsweetened dried fruit), nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, pinenuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds), other protein options (cheese, hummus, sliced or rolled deli meats) and whole grains crackers.

  • IDEA: Make mini almond (or sunflower) butter and jelly sandwiches with flax crackers (we love Mary’s Gone Crackers)
  • IDEA: Make a green smoothie in advance and pack it in their sippy cups. Not only does TSA allow drinks for kids…you can also mask the green color in a sippy cup. 
  • IDEA: Pack a whole avocado and simply scoop out the inside with a spoon. Eat plain or on crackers.

Step TWO: Fill in with healthy packaged snacks. We’ve rounded up some of our kid-approved favorites…

  • WholeMe Grain-free Clusters – They taste like dessert but are made with REAL simple ingredients. They pack a big protein punch.
  • Navitas Power Snacks – These little nuggets are full of antioxidants from unsweetened dried fruit and protein thanks to the hemp seeds.
  • Kids RX Bar – The egg whites add a boost of protein and the dried fruits make it seem like a sweet treat.
  • That’s It Bars – Just unsweetened dried fruits. Really, that’s it.
  • GoMacro Bars – Vegan macrobiotic bars with a subtle sweetness. Available with cashew, almond, peanut and sunflower butter options.

Reminder: Don’t forget to plan your own snacks. Do your best to show by example. Don’t munch on Twizzlers if you want yours kids to eat carrots and kale chips.

Now head to our latest Instagram to enter to win some delicious grain free snacks from WholeMe and a Yumbox for you and a travel friend!

Hopefully these tips help keep you and your adorable kiddos off the sugar rollercoller and keep their moods more stable. Bon voyage!