Hey everyone! You know what we love at Prescribe | Nutrition? A good infographic. They’re packed with information and are usually just so pretty. We loved a recent one from one of our favorite sites, Mind Body Green, that gives a shout out to 7 super foods that promote a long, healthy life. You know where you can find these foods in everyday recipes? New Year | New Rules. Yes – eating healthy is a commitment, but once you get some ideas, get the routine going, and realize that things like green smoothies really ARE that amazing, it becomes a cinch to incorporate all the amazing goodness that our world of plants provide.
Speaking of smoothies…you know what’s wild about this list? ¬†6 out of 7¬†ingredients¬†would be amazing in a smoothie. Actually…I bet we could sneak all 7 in and it would still be amazing. We’re that crafty in the kitchen.
Have fun living longer!