Nutrition. Yoga. Health.  It’s not just for the birds.
We’re all in.  You know this by now.  When I don’t feel great, it’s likely because something I’m doing or not doing.  The closer I listen, the more insight I get.

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Alrighty then.  How about a few words from the wise (aka the famous).  Enter a couple of the NBA’s All Stars.  Yes, the can afford it all… special coaches, trainers, magic diet people, you catch my drift.  What stands out about these fellas – aside from the endless possibilities afforded to them, they both attribute some miraculous recoveries & successes to the simplicities of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and some good old fashioned yoga.  BAM.

Take one – Theo Ratliff.  Ratliff began his career in 1995 with the Detroit Pistons where he played for two and a half seasons and then on to the 76’ers where he later made the 2001 All Star Team but was unable to play due to injury.  His injuries lead him to a series of years with spotty attendance and multiple trades.  Fast forward to the mid 2000’s where Ratliff uncovers a missing link, the possibility of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, vitamins and minerals that he has come to understand as “keys to the body’s proper functioning.” Making this connection was how his career when from the brink of retirement in early 2002  to essentially eight more years of some stellar play.  Ratliff states that, “in addition to core strengthening, his attributes long periods of perfect attendance to the attention he began to pay to vitamins and minerals”.  While Theo rocks a specific sports drink formulated by Dr. Joel Wallach, ND (Naturopathic Doctor), where I tend to gravitate towards food and more whole foods based supplements, I must say the common denominator looks pretty dang close – nutrition = remarkable rehabilitation.

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{two men joined by nutrients…well, that’s our take}

Take two – Robert Parish.  1600 games, 4 championships, and 9 all-star appearances, Robert Parish = 21 years of NBA play.  Parish believes yoga to be one of the primary and determining factors in the conditioning that allowed him to play until he was 43 years old.  His story is memorable, including a 2003 election to the Basketball Hall of Fame as well as his selection to the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history but the message he sends seems simple, he listened to what his body needed and his body gave back… big time.

Cheers to Ratliff & Parish -thanks for sharing your message of health + wellness to those around you (aka the world).