Those look familiar?  Most of us have seen the popular balance rocks, eh?  I love them, despite the fact they been used, portrayed, stacked, drawn, and snapped in every possible setting – they send a strong message.  That message is that we need alignment to be balanced.  We need to be stacked appropriately.  You know the answer to this but, what if that top rock was two spots down?  Balance no more.  The same applies to life, our bodies and the things we put in and around ourselves.  We need balance.  Did you hear me say that – we NEED it.  Do we always have it? Heck no. Shit no. Do we live in  imbalance for days, months, years at a time? YUP. We don’t necessarily topple over like those stack of rocks would if we rearranged them, but what’s worse is that we don’t topple over.  Usually the dramatic results see the biggest of changes, and everything in between gets far less attention.  What do I mean by that – we exist.  Plain and simple.  We exist in the suboptimal like nobody’s business.

April is “Balance Month” at 
Prescribe Nutrition

If you didn’t know that, welcome.  All month we will weave in this theme as we write and post.  Today’s a bit of a primer.  Why is looking at the importance of balance in overall health such a need? We at PN believe that whenever, wherever something isn’t right – there lies an imbalance.  It’s how we strive to unearth the root causes of our health struggles and work toward feeling optimal.  Why put a band-aid on when you can fix the problem? Seems legit.

Stomach not feeling awesome? Maybe a lack in digestive enzymes, healthy gut bacteria, too little/too much magnesium, food sensitivities, too many chemicals and so on… OR nutrient deficiencies.
Hormones just dominating your life? Too low of progesterone, sub optimal cortisol pattern? lack of iodine to produce proper thyroid hormones… OR nutrient deficiencies.
Headaches and sinus issues? Hey, maybe it’s dairy… or gluten or both, how about that magnesium, blood sugar disregulation… OR nutrient deficiencies.

So you kind of get the pic, right?  It’s about rebalancing the imbalances.  Common denominator – nutrients.  Real, whole, foods.  Every time.  That’s where we start.  If it’s depression or anxiety, joint pain or headaches, or just a real lack of inspiration to put the goods in – we want our people to know what REAL feels like.  That, my friends is how we balance.

Good news?  In 2 days we release all the materials to hop on this journey to better balance.  New Rules; Nutrition for Real Life, is back and better than ever.  If New Rules is old news (aka you’ve done it already) or you see yourself need a little hormone balancing – then it’s time for Get Balanced: No More Tired But Wired.

So no matter what – let’s commit.  You, me, your family, your mind… commit to more balance.  It’s there, just waiting for you.

Stay tuned as we dive into some other balancers – we think we can all learn a lot from each other.

Love & Alignment,