As we continue to hear from all that participated in Round 1 of New Year New Rules, we literally stop in our tracks as we read their words.  It’s not about what we say or think, its about what THEY say.

Enjoy some inspiring worlds from those who joined the journey, looked real food in face, 
and came out simply better than ever.

NYNR has revolutionized how I approach food preparation and meal planning for myself and my family. In 15 short days I eliminated wonky food cravings (especially at night), felt more energetic, and my emotional health was stable! Oh…and I lost six pounds and don’t feel bloated. – Katy D

I want all of my clients to experience this.  It was great!

I did not believe that two people whom I had never met, and with whom I only interacted with online, could be so influential on me. Clearly, I have been preparing myself for something like this, but your offer, and support pushed me to finally begin to take control of my health. Thanks! – Claudia

My mantra for nutrition as always been, “everything in moderation.” The only problem is that I wasn’t actually doing that. My diet before NYNR was sugar and gluten. Meaning, carbs, carbs, carbs. Vegetables? What are those? This lifestyle change through NYNR has given me so much education and willpower. I always wanted to eat healthy, but I couldn’t get myself there. Focusing on protein and fiber, and eating a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables along with incorporating whole grains into my diet has given me a whole new definition to “real” food. I’ve been blessed with a healthy body, and fueling it with the right nutrition has helped me to maximize my day and feel truly healthy. Here’s to great food, healthy habits, and to NYNR! – lisa

I’m so glad I took the time to invest in my health! It really was not that hard, and so worth it!

Program was well set up and always felt supported. Doing it with such a large group I people was great as it brought up many questions that were specific to me but hadn’t thought of to ask. Looking forward to stage 2.0. – Tanya

You two are so passionate about healthy nutrition–it’s contagious! Both my husband and I caught the clean food “bug”. Thank you! – Kat

i’ve always been a foodie and haven’t had a problem eating fruits and vegetables, i actually enjoy the way healthy food tastes… but my sweet tooth usually overpowers everything else. not anymore! after nynr i feel like i finally have the self discipline i’ve been wanting and i’m armed with knowledge to make healthier choices and still enjoy delicious food! the recipe packet is full of incredibly yummy concoctions… the beet hash and eggs, black bean soup and protein power bars are some of my favorites. not only do i now have some favorite recipes to add to my book, but knowledge of ways to create meals that are flavorful, healthy and extremely tasty. finding some extra energy and shedding some baby weight is a definite plus as well! thank you katie and megan for a great program and helping me get the jump start i’ve been searching for! -amy

This was an amazing program and an awesome way to start 2013. As a new mom struggling to lose the last few pounds of baby weight, I was able to shed the weight while eating great food and learning new recipes along the way. Most importantly, I’ve developed life-long healthy eating habits that will help me to be an awesome role model for my daughter! Katie and Megan were great, and provided so much information, support and inspiration! — Noelle

I feel great. I never could have imagined the amount of energy and focus that I received from following the NYNR diet was possible. I feel great and don’t want to go back to my old diet! — Sarah 

I have been suffering from unexplained joint pain and diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis (whatever that means) and a presciption of prednisone, at the age of 35 and shortly after giving birth to twin boys. They are now a year old and I have been dealing with the pain since, with a shocking amount of ibuprofen daily. I have been on a mission to find out the root cause and have tried to determine if it was a food sensitivity by doing an elimination “diet” cold turkey, but just never made it as I didn’t have enough information and support. A friend of mine at work and I decided to embark on NYNR together. After only a few days, my joint pain is almost entirely gone! Not to mention an increased level of energy and a few lbs lost as well! I am definitely continuing on with this lifestyle of “food as thy medicine” – thank you Katie and Megan for this program, information on the “why” behind food, and support. I’m so glad I found you!! —-Sue

After 15 days of NYNR I feel better than ever, on top of feeling great I also lost weight! I would highly recommend future programs! Angie

My family and I can’t thank you enough for this amazing program! My husband and I have never felt better – this is saying a lot because I am 30 and have a nine month old. I have been having hormonal issues (as we all do) and this was one last effort to start to get things under control and it worked! I will be signing up for anything you offer that will support as I continue to figure out the new me! My husband told me the other night that he has never felt better and I know he is feeling like he will have all of the energy in the world to keep up with our new family. I am feeling very pround as a mom of the food I am making for our baby – apple and carrott chicken nuggets, quinoa mac and cheese, sweet potato cakes-we want to start him off on the right foot. AND the biggest testament: my husband and I LOVE going out for dinner. Since day one we have been dreaming of where we will go out to eat on for our first post-NYNR dinner. Last night we were still brainstorming and I said to him “None of this sounds worth it to me.” I suggested I make a big three course NYNR dinner instead of rewarding ourselves with bad food. At that point we knew, this is our new lifestyle! – Liz

By demand, New Year New Rules is going for 2! Check out Round 2 here and join the revolution!