Katie’s Week:
Dark chocolate fondue – gotta have balance!
Twin nephews turn 10!
New do. Intelligent Nutrients and the Apiary Salon
Anna’s Week:
Her sister’s wedding – an amazing day!!
So many beautiful, heart-melting moments throughout the day
Headed in to our most favorite bookstore, The Wild Rumpus Room.
Between the chickens, cats, birds, rodents and lizard, we
sometimes have a hard time finishing our books – imagine that.

Megan’s Week:
Barney taking it all in. Rose garden, Golden Gate Park
Cupboard essentials: maca, chia, and coconut palm sugar
Half Moon Bay weekend getaway. The garden view

Katie and Megan:
*these two beauties spent some quality
 time together in San Fran where they:

Celebrated being together

Cruised the parks

Saw the bridge by day {and night}
Ate good food, duh!
Worked, worked, worked
And again, of course, celebrated being together

Anna’s Week

She got to sleep in on Mother’s Day and awoke to some of her
favorite things: her family, a latte, an old fashioned doughnut,
Ava Joan’s art work, a card that made her cry and a spa appointment
Isla celebrated Mother’s Day with her baby, Joelle – and
in case you’re wondering, Cabbage Patch Dolls smell the same way
they did in the 80’s. Mmmmm, the smell of life pre-responsibility!!

This big shot started riding her first bike!