Megan’s Week:
*Megan got to go Jazz Fest in NOLA so she…
was wooed by the charm

wooed people with her charm

…and ate the way you’ve gotta eat in NOLA. Oh, yeah
she heard some pretty amazing music, too!

Anna’s Week:

Birthday walk with dad. This is what a piggy back ride looks like
when your piggy’s back is too big to ride on 

Her awesome bosses treated her to a night out to hear Michael Pollan discuss
his new book, Cooked – he is dreamy in a way only a best selling author can be!

Como Lake – our favorite non-Minneapolis lake
Katie’s week

The obsession continues.  These bars are to DIE for. 3rd batch.

More Michael Pollan.  Katie & Anna had such an awesome night.  
Oh, and Prescribe Nutrition made a little appearance.

Katie & Matt’s big guy just taking a little nap with… himself.