It’s Friday. The weekend is happening, and we couldn’t be more excited. Look forward to some pics from AZ and some delicious New Rules meals that we are eating and loving.

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Busy making homemade tortilla chips

Checkout our football round up

Instagram profile pic…we are official 🙂

Megan’s Week:
Kids Rule – reptile style

She got lucky and got invited to a legit Brazilian BBQ

Beach day with Barney
Katie’s Week:
A little trip down memory lane

Too funny! Long distance sibling love

Weekend in the warehouse district of Minneapolis
Anna’s Week:
Bedtime is for the birds on a clear summer night – stargazing is where it’s at!
Today they celebrate 5 years of marriage and hundreds of blessings!
Kids Rule picnic – three blueberries on one fork and proud of it

Anna’s Week in Montana
First family hike where no one is being carried in a pack –
a small victory 🙂

Fresh air and family time. Does it get any better?
Making wishes on the biggest “wishing wands” she had
ever laid eyes on

Katie’s week
 She had a fun 24 hr night in the north woods of MN hanging with her Dad!
 The sun was out and it was time for lunch.  
Where better to take her salad then poolside at Yellow Barn.
Time to teach.

Megan’s week:

Her beautiful and quite whimsical friends

The conservatory on a particularly nice day

Brenna and Darren’s incredible wedding

First, a PN humble brag. Michael Pollan (kind of a big deal) was in
Minnesota Thursday evening. After an hour or so of inspiring
 story telling about his journey in writing his newest book, 
Cooked, he signed Katie’s book.
Yes, we giggled like school girls and high fived as we walked away.

Katie’s Week
Real happy about this new recipe from What’s Cooking Good Looking.  
Her husband even liked these! 
 A little Saturday walk on the Mississippi River
No you’re not seeing things. Yep, it’s Katie with Anna’s kids.
She took over for some time with the kiddos – on a magic carpet ride none the less!

Anna’s Week

And a bottle of sunscreen later, we still ended up a little pink 
Open pool, open doors and homemade pizza cooked
in the green egg. Family night in the barn.

A Lake Harriet run on a beautiful morning

Megan’s Week

Festival hat, chambray shirt, scary Robert Palmer shirt.  Officially ready for jazz fest
Quinoa vegetable explosion

Friday night Pino Noir Yacht ride

A peek into what Instagram says about this week…

Megan’s commute to work
Opening game!
Backyard evening with the ladies – need more of this!

By round three of New Rules, this two year old has transformed into a salad lover 
When your laundry pile turns into a laundry mountain, you call in all the troops to help
fold – which worked well…for about 5 minutes
Did she jinx us? Anna’s thoughts of green from last week turned white. What the what?! 

Deep in study for the upcoming Get Balanced Program
Her other main man.  Max

Guest speaking at the U of Minnesota