Megan’s week
A good day – Squaw Valley
Birthday girl and PN guest blogger Jessica Mishra.
Radiant this one.
Best irresponsible spending of her life
Anna’s week

Documenting an accessory addiction that is growing worse by 
the day. Purses, headscarves, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and the 
list goes on… We need them all, even if we are running to the grocery store.
Last weather picture, I promise. This one isn’t to
whine – it was just too pretty to pass up! 4/23
Full out sprint to the park – not even the ice cream man would get that speed.
Spring has sprung!
Katie’s Week
 A sisters cooking shesh in which lamb stew 
(oh hey Get Balanced) calls for this beauty

If you live in MN, you get this.  We are excited to have Spring 
(hence the sunglasses) but these are some of her current favs – 
new Swatch watch, washi tape and Perrier is those cute slim cans.

She’s nice, level headed and generally calm and collected.. unless it’s Monday or Thursday nights.  Last night one of her students called her a beast on bike.