Happy Thursday all!  Can you believe it’s August? …Ok good, ’cause neither can we.  Each month at PN we choose a theme – last month was focused on how to “get glowing” and this month we are bring you all things community… we call this it takes a village.  

Get excited for topics touching on

  • Integrative medicine/nutrition: different experts collaborating together!
  • The power of community during our programs – New Rules, Get Balanced and Kids Rule.
  • Blogs we love that create community
  • Some of our favs – Dr. Hyman, Michael Pollan writing about the power of community in their work.
  • And… supporting our local communities – farmers, co-ops, etc. and MORE!
If you have a community themed idea – fire it our way.  Why?  Because it’s all about community and we need you to be us, Prescribe Nutrition!
An excited villager,