This. Summer.

Whoaz. Here at Prescribe Nutrition we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some incredible individuals through our programs. We’ve also gotten to know ourselves quite a bit more. What we know is that things change, stress exists and sometimes we are really just too hard on ourselves. Plain and simple. As we’ve supported our participants (and received their support), we’ve been bookmarking some of our favorite “feel good” blogs. We know once you read them, you’ll agree. You just feel better, brighter or more aware. In the spirit of sharing what we know, today we wanted to point you to some words that have changed our lives this summer. Enjoy the love they are spreading!

More being, less doing.  – Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets

10 signs your life is on track even when it doesn’t feel like it. – Mind Body Green

What happens when you get through the big pain: Near Blinding radiance. – Danielle LaPorte


Let go and be still – McKel Hill, Nutrition Stripped

kind, true, necessary. – Nora Purmort, My Husbands Tumor

Perfectly Imperfect. – Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets

… and this one’s for us business owners that sometimes need a reminder: it’s all going to be fine. Disconnecting is good.

When I didn’t blog for a week and no one died. – Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets