Alright, get ready we’ve got something to rock your Spring break no matter where you are.  You know our gal, Molly Doyle, as in Molly from Fitness MD {she puts up tips, tools and some kick a$$ one-liners daily – give her a “like”}.  She gave us the smack down in New Year New Rules and she’s back to kick our butts!  You ready?  We are.

I’m is off to Mexico tomorrow {I hope I come back} and I’m taking this one with me.

Ok, so some might be saying – “seriously, you’re going to work out on vacation…?  That doesn’t sound like vacation.”  Here’s what I say – I almost NEVER do and then I come home feeling like crapola.  I mean the best kind of crapola –  tanned and well rest BUT I’m always saying to myself “this is gonna hurt.”  NOT. THIS. YEAR.

Ok, so there’s that.  Stay tuned for pics.

THEN we thought why not a fun group challenge?  Each day we will post the workout of the day (you don’t need ANYTHING but you!)

You can take a picture and tag us – #PN #FitnessMD or simply post on either of our pages that you did the SBMD {Spring Break MD} workout.  Fun, huh?

Day one – Life is a beach 
20 minute walk or jog on the beach followed by…
40 squats 
30 sit-ups 
20 push-ups 
10 tricep dips
1 minute plank 
10 tricep dips
20 push-ups 
30 sit-ups 
40 squats 
Day two – 20mins GO:
:30 second sprint on the beach
20 walking lunges 
20 squat jumps 
20 plank jacks 
Day three – 30/20’s
:30 high knees 
:30 side plank – right
:30 plank twists (on elbows)
:30 side plank – left 
:20 tuck jumps 
:20 mountain climbers
:20 mountain climbers twists (knee to elbow) 
:20 slow mountain climbers 
Repeat in reverse order 
Day four – Jump
30/20/10 reps of the following 
Jumping jacks 
Side lunge – right 
Jumping jacks
Side lunge – left 
Day five – Pool workout (if you aren’t a pool – freestyle day/repeat a different day)
5 jogging laps in the pool to warm up 
Run to the edge of pool and perform…
20 high knees – arms up. Run back to start 
Run back to the edge of the pool and..
20 high knees, 30 flutter kicks (on stomach. Hands on pool edge. Kick feet). Run back 
Run to edge of pool and…
20 high knees, 30 flutter kicks, 40 wall push-ups  
Repeat in reverse order 
Day six – 25’ers
25 minute jog/walk on beach 
25 lunges – reverse, alternating sides
25 second hold – right leg back
25 Split lunge jumps 
25 second hold – left leg back 
25 split lunge jumps 
Day seven – ultimate abs
3, 30 second sprints 
30 full sit-ups 
30 mason twists 
30 side plank hip dips – left 
30 mason twists 
30 full sit-ups 
30 side Plank hip dips – right 
3, 30 second sprints 
Ok, I’m so excited.  Really – kinda geeked out.
Have fun rockin’ it,
Katie, Megan, Molly & Anna