It’s here: Summer.  We can practically smell the BBQ and fireworks already.  The longer days put a smile on all of our faces, but who’s likely smiling biggest?  Well, the little ones of course. Summer time means swimming, picnics, camp, slip and slide…and oh yeah, the ice cream truck.  Hey, we remember the sheer excitement of hearing that musical van just as much as the next person.  

Summer.  Is there anything finer?

So in honor of those who love summer the most, we’re kicking off the season by dedicating the month of June to juniors.  We’re going to talk all kids all month; everything from the smartest foods to children’s yoga to prenatal nutrition.  Having kids is in itself a full time job, and on top of it – all that conflicting information out there can be downright intimidating – what are and what aren’t the healthiest choices.  Our goal this month?  Give you plenty of support and streamlined resources to get you and your family on the the road to health.

Feels like less of a ‘to-do’ item when she wants in.

We’re thrilled as we prepare to launch the next Prescribe Nutrition program, “Kids Rule,” beginning at the end of July (more to come!)  We can’t wait to reinvent your kids ‘yes’ list, as we know how easy it is for this to become a list of 3 items (mac and cheese being a front runner).  Sure, we’ll get tricky and find ways to sneak the good stuff into staples they’ll happily enjoy, but we’re also going to unveil why they may be sticking to that ‘pasta only’ menu, how certain foods can effect the young ones, ways to get them excited to eat healthier food, and fun ways to get them involved in the kitchen. ..because hey, summer should be fun.

We can guarantee we’ll get some thumbs up with our smoothie ideas.