No, actually not just ‘hanging out’.. FREAKING OUT.  Yes, f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. out.  I’ve gotten so many lovely emails, texts and social media high fives following a segment I was apart of on HuffPost Live last week, all followed by, “You have to tell us all about it!!”  Oh man, really?  Sure: I was a nervous wreak, I’m certain I blacked out at least twice, and I told my husband later that day I was so tired it was like I was shot with a horse tranquilizer… Old School Style.

So here’s the shorty.  Last Wednesday around 2pm I got an email: TIME SENSITIVE MEDIA REQUEST.  Holy shit – what?  This is a joke right.  Nope.  An Associate Producer of HuffPost Live was inquiring to see if I could appear on their show in preparation for the Evolution of Medicine Summit coming this month. The segments focus: nutrition. When was the interview? Oh, in like 14 hours.  Hair: not done since January. Mood: I was headed to the Minnesota State Fair where they don’t prescribe nutrition.  Truth: had no plans of showering before noon the next day.  Too bad sister, it’s go time.  I accepted the request.

The producer found me from a segment I did on Anytime Fitness Radio in February of 2013.  Well ok, I’ll take it.

I was about to ‘Sit’ next to Chris Kresser, Seamus Mullen and James Maskell ready to field any questions that got tossed my way.  Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE speaking.  I do it a lot.  From teaching a yoga class to speaking at Medtronic, but this was different.  TV via Google Hangout and not sure what to expect.  Talk about uncontrollables.


 …Berkeley, Katie, is NOT Southern California.

So here we go – meet the dudes.  Chris Kresser above.

James Maskell the host of The Evolution of Medicine Summit.


Seamus Mullen, award winning chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author.


Then comes this amazingly beautify HuffPost Live producer and host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.


And…we’re live.  This is when my blood pressure sky rockets, my clothes are wet with sweat and I imagine myself passing out in my chair.   Which would suck.  So she introduces me and by the eight minute mark I have yet to say a word.  Everyone else has spoken and now we’re excepting tweets from listeners.  Then this thought enters my mind: what if I sit here in my little google hangout box the WHOLE 20 minutes without saying a word?! Like really.  I know people that are watching me and what if I don’t mutter a single word?  Wait for it.  About ten minutes into the conversation, it’s is tossed to me.  And the screen goes black. BLACK.  Did I pass out in my chair and this is what it looks like?  I’ve been on google hangout countless times but this is different.  I can’t hear them and I certainly can’t see them.  So I just talk in hopes that I come out of the blackout.  My short interjection ends and we are back on set.  THEY HEARD ME.  Hallelujah.  Now I have a new sense of calm and I’m ready to keep talking! Bring it on.  Well, this is a 20 minute segment and I snuck in another short set of comments and we wrap.

There is it.  My first experience on international seen live-streaming network.

What did I learn.  A few things:

  • Actually the few things I learned were more in retrospect.  I’ve dove into the works of Brené Brown lately, post HuffPost Live, and there are a million and fifty things I’m taking in.
  • Don’t puff up, don’t shrink down – hold your ground.  This very simply is the notion that I don’t need to change anything about myself or the way I talk based on the people I’m around.
  • Comparison is the thief of happiness.  I’ve been listening to this segment again and again and, of course, comparing myself to others and myself to myself.  There is no way to be happy in that space.
  • We all do something first once.  Everyone’s first time in a new realm is scary.  We are never alone in that.
  • Finally, and most importantly – prop up you g-damn computer when on video Katie!  I did my hair all nice and then as we tested the connection I realize that the way I was positioned my hair was falling in my face.  I panicked and put it back only to realize that all I need to do was take Seamus Mullen’s book Hero Food and I could have solved my bad angle issue.


Brené Brown

Now go on, check out the Evolution of Medicine Summit starting next week  (It’s FREE), grab Seamus Mullens book Hero Food or visit Tertulia in NYC, check out Chris Kresser’s Your Personal Paleo Code.  Oh and for the full interview – click here.