Ladies and gents… we did it. 900 minutes of cycling, sweating, dancing, and THENsome = DONE. 20 SoulCycle classes in 30 days was the challenge and the challenge was accepted. Having been a fitness instructor myself for almost 10 years, I will be the first to say – I’ve never done anything like this before. Ever. Eva eva.

Wholeheartedly I knew I could do it, but was I a titch frighted? Oh, you could say that. SoulCycle does not under deliver when it comes to a kick ass class. They serve up 45 minutes of can’t stop won’t stop movement. That I knew. But what’s more important is what I uncovered about myself and the experience.


Our minds quit way before our bodies. I’ve spoke those very words myself but this time I really got to experience. I have way more in me than I thought.

Community is king. We can’t do this alone. There’s plenty we have to battle by ourselves. Finding something, someplace, and people to surround us fulfills some basic human needs. A tribe, a pack, a squad … whatever you want to call them, find them.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. I repeat: CHANGE DOESN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT… or even in the 30 days. We want quick fixes. Duh. So, you might think that after 900 minutes of spin class, I’d have dropped a size or two. Hold that thought. We didn’t get “here” fast so the work we do (exercise or diet) has to be an evolution. I just started to see the physical changes (and by this I literally mean – my pants weren’t *as* tight) this past weekend. Turn it Up 20 has my momentum going, my motivation rocking and my body feeling STRONG. ‘Cause, seriously – cliche aside… strong is the new skinny. Let’s all get that straight.

Crying in class is OK. Yes, tears happened. Not because it was hard, but because I was motivated in a way I didn’t think possible, because my perspective changed, because I showed up for myself. I realized I need to show up for myself more – prioritize me.

Sweating is cheap therapy. Don’t get me wrong – nothing takes the place of therapy… I love that shit. But movement is cathartic and can’t be underestimated. You come out with a different mindset than we you came in.

You’ve got to take care of yourself. Yes, chuckle away friends. I DID actually just say what might seem obvious. But no really, you have to. We can’t do it all without some repercussions. Turn it up 20 meant more sleep, clean eating, more, much (much) more, hydration, some added supplements for extra immune support and really evaluating what’s important so I felt my best. I’m taking that with me.

There you have it. The verdict is in. 20 rides in 30 days has left me:

  • energized.
  • motivated.
  • a bit proud.
  • oh and my derriere feels pret-ty awesome.