Alright so here’s the deal.  We love our people.  No we aren’t just saying this.  We know you see newsletters and advertisements where people use all this mumbo jumbo, fancy schmancy language that makes you kinda want to roll your eyes.  Not here.  PN will shut down before we do this – that’s a promise.  We are real gals and we only want to keep it real.

Living a happy life.

This podcast was exactly what I needed to hear. I have struggled for over a year to make sense of nutrition and how it affects my body and the bodies of my loved ones.
-Ann (referring to the 1st of 4 podcasts included in Kids Rule)

So today is dedicated to our most recent program, Kids Rule.  Let me tell you – this group and their kiddos made our lives so fun for the 12 days we were with them.  Questions and comments around nutrition, food allergies/sensitivities, mood and behavior, sleep, skin, juvenile arthritis, IBS, constipation…. and more.  We gabbed it out. Making connections between what goes in the body and how these issues can improve with a little shift in nutrition.  We said it at least 100 times – this is a journey.  For some things will click faster, kids will dig new recipes but for others this is going to be all about the layers.  Maybe you just take Kids Rule as a primer – to help you lay the most basic foundation and from there you spend the next year (yup, I said year) working on building some new relationships to the those green things in the fridge.

some smoothie ‘stache winners!


Needless to say it went great.  Better than expected and we wanted to share some of our favorite pieces of feedback with you.   We love the program but it only matters if THEY did.


I was pretty unsure about signing up for this program but found myself immediately carrying the recipe packet around EVERYWHERE and waiting (im)patiently at the computer for the next podcast! I loved how this program streamlined a wealth of information into easy to understand and digest segments and made turning around our eating seem doable! I feel like I got a TOP NOTCH education in such a short amount of time! Thanks for helping me have a great time doing something healthy for my family! – Ali 

Katie, Megan and their team have mastered bringing nutrition to a level that teaches without overwhelming. Kids Rule truly does meet you where you are helped me make a plan for my family that will make healthy eating a lifelong journey. Jillian

This course was terrific—the information wasextremely helpful, as were the extra resources. The activities made the topic fun for my children and kept them very involved, which also meant that they were more likely to try the different recipes. Kudos on the variety of recipes in the packet. They take child-friendly foods and increase their nutritional value. It’s amazing how much more quickly carrots got eaten in fry form, and I couldn’t help but smile as my children begged for the mint chip pops. They’ve certainly never requested spinach before! Our biggest victory was the idea of leveling up. By adding one or more ingredients that make a typical food more healthy, we all win. The girls are happy because they’re eating what they want and I’m happy because they’re getting more of the good stuff, as well as creating habits that will serve them well down the road. Thank you—this program was just what we needed. Kristin

Good news?

We are suckers for good news.  We’ve been asked, even kind of pleaded to run Kids Rule again.  We had that in the cards but not till October.  The jury concluded that must run it again.  So we will.  Like next week.  Program starts August 19th and we want to invite you to come along.  If you contemplated the last round OR read the notes from the moms above and know it’s time.. it IS time.  
Use the coupon code: kidsrule20 for 20% off and get pumped to hear your kids calling for seconds on foods you might have never imaged!
Come join the fun – we’d love to have you!