We’ve got another round-up coming your way, and it’s all about what keeps us sane in the kitchen. If you’re practicing any sort of whole foods diet, trying to save money but also eat healthy, doing Prescribe 20 or simply love cooking…then that means you’re spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Which hey that’s fine, we crank the music or listen to our podcasts and thoroughly enjoy getting our hands dirty. That said, there are a handful of tools that our team uses every.single.day that legitimately make eating healthy easier. If you’re getting crafty in the kitchen, signing up for Prescribe 20 or an aspiring cook, then these are the things we can’t live without.

Citrus Squeezer. Megan’s #1

I use this puppy every day, twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Can you tell I spend a lot of dough on lemons? Listen – if I’m going to talk your ear off about the value of drinking lemon water every day, then I better follow through, and I promise you I would NOT do it if I didn’t have this tool. Also I love it for using for cooking, specifically salad dressings. Because seeds are annoying. *Pro-tip: don’t get the colored enamel ones, the paint eventually chips off. Go for stainless steel if possible.


When you want to impress people, you zest. Zesting gives smoothies a perfect touch of class. It gives desserts a citrus kick. It makes banana bread fancy. When you have a zester you can make anything extraordinary (hello, all zester companies should hire me for commercials). Can you tell we like lemons?

High Speed Blender. 

Listen these are an investment but never once has anyone on our team or anyone we know regretted buying one. If you like smoothies, nut butter, soups, hummus salad dressings, you will never ever wish you hadn’t taken the plunge. More details on our blender breakdown here. And if you have a regular ol’ blender that’s cool too! Super helpful for smoothies, dressings, etc.

Quality Knives.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a grand on a knife set (though if you can, I’m jealous). But you should have one or two knifes in your repertoire that are sharp as hell. If you’re prepping meals every night that are heavy on veggies, you better believe it will get old VERY quick with a dull knife. There are a million brands of fancy ones, but there’s also some really awesome affordable ones, like Victorinox.

Cast Iron Pans.

A classic. Nostalgic. Old school. Affordable. Non-toxic. You can fry, you can bake, you can sauté, you can go from stove top to oven to table. Take good care of them and they can be passed down to your kids. We use good old fashioned Lodge, but there are lots of new models on the market that come pre-seasoned.

What are you favorite kitchen tools? Tell, tell, TELL!!