Top of the ‘morn.  I’m having a pretty good morning.  Want to know why?  I’m just sipping on my most current obsession: frothy, hot, creamy coffee.  “But Megan – I thought you were smack in the middle of running a two week program? Coffee??”  You’re right I am.  But I’m in the slowly weaning off / every other day phase.  This is a good phase I tell you.  And we got extra lucky with people on board this round; we’ve had some clever ladies who shared their ninja coffee secret: coconut oil.  Yes – oil.  This is all them – we can’t take any credit.

Coffee featured imageThe inspiration from their idea originally came from the ever popular Wellness Mama, pretty smart lady. So what is this new obsession?  Well you take your fresh cup of hot coffee and add 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil, a dash of vanilla {stevia or honey if you want it a bit sweet} and blend.  Yep – you blend it.  You can use a blender, a milk foamer or a handheld blender {though I made an epic mess trying that last method}.  In the end you will have a frothy and surprisingly creamy coffee.  And for anyone wondering about why use coconut oil, check out some of the benefits here. Coffee blogThere are many benefits associated with drinking a daily cup of coffee. Research has shown the high level of antioxidants in coffee may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and boost the effects of neurotransmitters involved in cognitive function.  Whoa brain drink.  It’s also been shown to increase cells sensitivity to insulin {good for blood sugar regulation} and quell overall inflammation, leading to better heart health.  These are just handful of the many potential benefits.  That said, there are negative effects as well – it’s dehydrating, it can be very taxing on your adrenal glands, and on an empty stomach it can dysregulate blood sugar.  Anyone with adrenal or chronic fatigue should think twice about coffee, and for anyone, taking a little break from it or detoxing from caffeine can feel quite nice and empowering.

But for those who love their cup ‘o joe, consumed in moderation coffee can be just a fine addition to your day {collective sigh of relief}.