Last week we posted a touching and emotive article called “I Miss the Village” written by a mother who clearly struck a cord with the masses. If you’re a parent, and even if you’re not, this likely resonates. It’s easy to get in our own heads and to feel like we have to do it all, all the time. It touches us because we are reminded that we all need each other.  We are built to live and strive in a community with one and another, but many of us are lonely and lacking support. The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” teaches eternal truth. It truly does take a village, to give more than we can on our own, to raise a child and to weather the storms of life. Why do it alone when you can do it together?

Are you wondering how this relates to what we do? Well, one of the most frequent questions asked to us during our programs is, “How do I get my family on board?”


Feeding a family good food is a struggle for many. There are picky eaters, sensory issues, food sensitivities and allergies – so the simple question, “What’s for dinner?” can suddenly become, well, overwhelming. And then we have to take into account the looming concern of whether or not our kids are actually getting the nutrients they need to support their growing bodies and brains. This becomes extra hard to do with the constant requests for pizza, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets  – sound familiar?

Navigating all of this alone is stressful! We know it and hear it all. the. time. Which is exactly why we created Kids Rule.



We are over the moon excited to have Weelicious partnering with us for this round of Kids Rule! For years Catherine has been sharing her delicious, family friendly recipes on her website and getting rave reviews. She also shares baby’s first foods, toddler recipe’s and school lunch ideas. As a parent, it really doesn’t get better than having access to all of this in ONE place. We love Weelicious, and know you will (or already do!), too. The cherry on top? Everyone who registers for Kids Rule gets a FREE one month subscription to Weelicious meal planning – this is the longest free trial that they give, so you can feel pretty special about that. Pair all of this this with our 50+ kiddo approved recipes, and guess what? You are covered in the kitchen for a looooooong time!

Last, and truly most importantly, we are going to be sharing the “why’s” and “how’s.” The power of nutrition cannot be underestimated. Altering diets to remove inflammatory foods and adding in foods that nourish and support has been shown to improve everything from behavior issues to eczema and autism. Last, but certainly not least, there are deficiencies linked to picky eating. That’s right, there is an actual physiological reason behind the carb-craving munchkins who cramp your kitchen-style.

We have seen this program transform families and slowly dissolve the stress that exists:

  • Taking this course has been a win. The PN team deserves praise for taking complex subject matter and breaking it down into digestible chunks (ha! pun intended).
  • Fish fingers! My son (almost 2.5 years old) ate every last bite and has even talked about them.
  • Chocolate zucchini muffins: mmmm! This is the type of recipe that convinces people that eating well is not boring.
  • The resources have been so helpful. I have never understood the HOW or the WHY as well as I do now. (But I know that I have much more to learn…)
  • Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! I cannot stop singing that song from my youth. Oh, and we were happy to learn more about chia and flax seeds.
  • P.S. I send positive thoughts to all… This eating well thing is difficult and takes commitment. And it can be LONELY, so I appreciate knowing that you are all out there.  -Ann

Let us be your village!