Detoxification is a part of our daily, even hourly, lives.  Really, it is.  Now, considering that it’s almost the third week in December  you’re saying “no way am I detoxing, more like re-toxing…” We get that.  We largely feel the same way.  With as much intention as we might have it’s just really tough to stay the course this time of year.  We wish it wasn’t so dang hard.

Your body detoxes

This mighty ecosystem of ours (think skin, colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and lymph) – well it’s role is to do just that – perform detoxification.  Then laughter ensues once again.  Why? Well you said it before… sure doesn’t feel like “detoxing” is working too hot.

We were built to naturally clean up after ourselves.  More chuckles (wouldn’t that be awesome if your kids were built that way).  Ok, ok…  So that’s from an evolutionary standpoint.  What’s changed since evolution? Every. damn. thing.  Our water, our soil, our air and our FOOD.  Yep, they’ve evolved and we’ve desperately tried to chase behind them.  No longer are our bodies able to keep up, and that’s with the most valiant of efforts.  Even those of you that have cleaned up your diets still can’t rely on your bodies systems to detox properly.

We are in system overloaded

Great news, you haven’t not reached a dead end.  Nope.  You have the power to help this situation.  Think of it as holding the hand of… well, yourself.  We just need a little guidance on what, when and how.  Us gals at Prescribe Nutrition aren’t “detox crazy.”  Actually we believe detoxing can actually drive you crazy – so we take that word and make it palatable.  Here are some of our favorite tips:

  1. Drink water.  And then drink more.  Good old fashioned (preferably filtered) water helps flush your system, tend to your cells and create more life inside.
  2. Avoid pesticides at all costs.  Just the word ‘chemicals’ should be the ultimate red flag.  The more chemicals that go in, the more they have the ability to interfere not only with our individual detoxification but can contribute to some scary conditions & diseases.  If the food that you put in your mouth comes in direct contact with pesticides, avoid ’em.  If it has a skin-on protector (think banana, pineapples, avocados) you can save your money there and go more conventional.
  3. Eat.  You heard me right.  Eat foods that promote detoxification.  Here’s some goodies:
  • Brazil nuts.  Those guys are packed with selenium.  Selenium helps get mercury out.  #boom.
  • Sesame seeds. Those tiny  helpers give your liver a little love. #heartthat
  • Goji berries.  These little numbers are jamming with vitamin C and beta-carotene.  Vitamin C naturally helps remove waste from the body and beta-c, well that helps with liver performance.  #loveyourliver
  • Artichokes. Get ready cause they are chock full of silymarin, an antioxidant that helps your liver process toxins, and cynarin, an acid that supports your liver’s ability to break down fatty foods. #artitime (that’s arti time…like time for artichokes. Get it?)
  • Apples.  The ladies at PN have a love affair with apples.  They rock.  But did you know they are a detoxing superstar?  Frankly, I didn’t always either.  They are nutrient rich and contain pectin, a soluable fiber that helps removed food additives and metals from your system.  #applesrule

detox foods

Ok, so that’ll get you started.  Remember, you are meant to detoxify – it just isn’t always that easy. That’s why we created Reset:14.  To help you along the way.  Think you want to take this to the next level?  Want us to hold YOUR hand?  We’ve got ya.  Starting January 6th we are diving in for two full weeks where we will talk all about making the best more intelligent decisions on how to get your system working the way it was designed.   This will be the ‘un crazy’ detox.  Thing real, whole foods that will help your system help itself!

From now until December 25th we’ve taken an additional $10 off.  So do this: use the code reset20 here for 20% off in ADDITION to the $10 off! I’m not good at fast math but it’s a pretty dang good deal.  #doublewhammy.