Anna, our Prescribe Nutrition Mom, family expert and all around beautiful chick is ringing in the New Year with us this morning.  Anna, we are so dang lucky to have you on the team!

I typically don’t toot our PN horn because, well, of course I am going to love everything PN. I am beyond biased – I am nearly obsessed, and I know I am not alone there. However, I am not a nutritionist. I don’t write the programs. So I feel like I can brag about how awesome this upcoming program is, and not be patting my own back. Just my bosses 🙂 But really, this upcoming program is going to be bananas.

New Years blog

Without giving too much away, you are going to finish feeling lighter. Physically, mentally, and emotionally lighter. It rocks. We hear about how light people feel after all of our programs, but this one is designed to take it just a step further  by really cutting our bodies a break nearing the end and giving it a couple days of food that nourish and take very little work to break down.

Then there is our inch melting morning routine. And for real, EVERYONE can do it and without a ton of effort, too. Just commitment. Commit to our secret routine and you will finish the program on a roll and motivated to keep it up. The ball will be in your court to do it – but you’ll have a whole community of people to support and encourage you.

The recipes. I probably don’t need to tell you that we are not going to make you eat bland, boring food. You will eat, and you will eat well. If you’ve fallen off the real, whole food bandwagon, be prepared to be reminded that real food exists mainly in the parameters of your grocery store and it tastes amazing – especially when you mix it together and season it and stuff 😉reset-14-altIf you can’t tell, I am pretty jazzed. Katie and Megan are as well. And we have a ton of returning and new people signed up (nearing the BIG double zero’s!!) who can’t wait to get the show on the road. This is more than just a nutrition program. It’s the beginning of a transformative journey, and I’ll sign off with some testimonials from last year’s programs just in case you want to hear it right from the horses mouth:

“I have always described myself as a “low energy person,” even with what I thought was healthy eating habits and exercise. I didn’t sleep well, and almost every morning after taking the kids to school I couldn’t wait to hop back into bed. Now I sleep well and after I get the kids to school, I can’t wait to start my day! I finally feel “normal” and can breathe so much easier, too. No more tight chest and feeling like I never get a full breath. I do NOT want to go back!”

“I feel like a little Energizer bunny. Getting loads done and feeling great not only about getting everything done but also that I do not feel exhausted and like I need a coffee break. My bonus is that I am down 3.6 pounds. I know you do not bill it as a weight loss program, but it is just a result of not feeling like I have to eat, just because. The cravings are gone and I just find myself eating because I am hungry.”

Here’s a little visual teaser.  You might feel lighter just looking at it.  Who knows.

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