I was introduced to Pat, the owner of Skin Therapease, about eight months ago.  As we talked, it occurred to me that we had a lot in common.  Women owned businesses, strong passion for health and how food plays such an integral role in skin health!  Megan wrote this killer blog on acne, food and hormones last year right around this time, so how fitting that we bring in an expert to tell us her take on the importance of skin care!  Pat, welcome to Prescribe Nutrition.


Q: Tell us a little about how you came to love skincare and what paved your way!  The skin has always intrigued me. Even as a young girl I was fascinated with scratches, imperfections and the healing process. Healthcare and lifestyle is very important to me. Healthcare meaning from the inside and out. Lifestyle meaning how one lives to support their overall health. My focus on skin health came while working on my masters degree and my desire to find my passion. My background in Healthcare Administration paved the way for my journey with skincare by providing the business skills needed to create and manage a skincare business. I was a frequent consumer at the health food stores, often taking cooking classes and seeking answers on certain herbs. I was so enamored by a particular skin care product I got from the health food store that I applied for a part time job there. I managed to land a part-time job with the product line company. The more I learned, the more I realized I needed to work hands-on with skin. My first position as a skin care specialist was at The Marsh, which was a spectacular 6 year growing experience before going off on my own. I needed more and to seek advanced classes with anything and everything pertaining to the skin.

Q: We’d love to hear how your call to functional/integrative medicine took hold.  As I evolved with my experiences and observations, it became clear to me that the skin responded to not only food but to the environment. I was noticing more rashes, eczema, sun damage among numerous other conditions. I was seeing more drugs and prescriptions recommended for unknown purposes. It became apparent to me that needed to take skin health to another level and begin looking at the whole person, beginning with the diet. I encourage people to listen to what their skin is telling them!

Q: Skin being the largest organ and so important to address, what are a few things that we could all stand to know more about? The skin is a reflection of what goes on inside our bodies. If one encounters a breakout, the location of the breakout may indicate what’s going on inside. For example, in the case of Milia, especially around the eyes, may suggest lactose intolerance. A rash may be a symptom of an allergy. Hygiene and bathing become extremely important to avoid skin irritation from bacteria or germs. Moisturizing and maintaining healthy skin can help to prevent unnecessary conditions.


Q: Within functional medicine, what are you most passionate about?  Psoriasis as ugly as it can be, and is very manageable just by revamping ones diet. How cool is that!? Other auto-immune conditions and digestive problems are all improved with appropriate diet and/or lifestyle changes. I have found that acne is often alleviated by 25 to 30% just by eliminating dairy in the diet.

Q: How do you think us, in nutrition, and you, in skin therapy, can further support each other?  As I stated above, what you put in your body is a reflected in your skin. By managing one’s diet and taking care of the skin by initiating an appropriate skincare program, including products, one can expect a healthy inside and glowing outside or appearance. The result is happy Skin!

A little more about Pat & Skin Therapease

Pat-headshotPatricia Scherven is a well respected aesthetician and the owner of Skin Therapease. Pat is passionate about using a natural approach to skin care that combines customized facial treatments with diet and good lifestyle choices. She believes in listening to your skin, because it will tell you what it needs. She applies her 32 years of experience in health care and wellness to every client who walks through the door. Pat has trained internationally in skin care, nutrition and lifestyle, ingredient safety and holistic treatment applications. She seeks out state-of-the-art therapies and products for her clients, setting the highest standards of excellence in the skin health industry. She is a member and student of IFM, Integrated Functional Medicine, and a member of The Minnesota Holistic Medical Association. She refers to herself as a functional skin care specialist, working in collaboration with physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths and other alternative healthcare providers. Pat respects and supports the evolving relationship between aestheticians and the healthcare industry.

As a skin care skin health expert, Pat combines her extensive training, experience, and holistic style to create individualized facial treatments for both women and men. Her focus with clients is to limit the signs of aging as well as to resolve skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation issues, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more. Pat initially considers diet and uses many non-invasive methods to achieve maximal results for her clients, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, photo rejuvenation, hair removal, micro-blading, permanent make-up and scar revision. Pat’s highest priority is to provide her clients with the utmost in personalized care while helping them maintain healthy skin through personal wellness. Pat is also a leader among Minnesota small business owners and strongly supports women in business. She is a past president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-MN), an a member and actively involved in the Wayzata Chamber in Minnesota.