In all our programs we come back to a number of the same principles, foundations, and tools for feeling our best.  For there in lies the “keys” to those hard-to-open locks.  What are the locks you might ask?  Well things like low energy, trouble sleeping, or concerns with mood and attention, the very things that we become stumped by.  “Why can’t I get a good night sleep?  Yet why do I feel like I could fall asleep at 2:47 each day…?”  Or  “I just don’t feel like myself, I’m cranky and a little anxious but that’s not me… I just know it.”  We at Prescribe Nutrition get ya.  We get you big time.  Why? because we’ve been there.  Hey, we still go there from time to time.  The trick is that when we are there we know why and we usually know how to get ourselves out of it.


How DO we get out of it you’re thinking?  We eat. {go ahead, laugh}, but it’s true. Generally speaking all of these “complaints” have a strong root in food.  Many times the it’s the lack of specific nutrients, a big dip in blood sugar, or a combination of the two.  And its the combination of solutions that is our secret sauce.  Sure a nutrient dense apple is a great snack (we eat them daily) but what’s better than an apple? An apple with ________.  A scoop of almond butter, a few brazil nuts, or even a slice of avocado.  The reason we love this is that our nutrients now have teammates.  I mean what’s better than a team, right?  The wonderful elements of an apple shine when it has partner nutrients to help absorb and assimilate those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  You see an apple’s predominate characteristics are carbohydrates and fiber.  Great.  Super great.  But have you ever eaten an apple and feel like it was snack time 45 minutes later? That’s because that apple was absorbed into the blood stream at a pretty fast rate, it gave you some energy but not enough to sustain you for as long as you might have hoped.


Enter, the MAGIC TRIO.  Fat, fiber, AND protein.  This is the all star team.  Pro bowl material.  The champs.  These guys are a like a finely tuned rock band.  They can play for hours.

So next time you reach for that apple, banana, pear, sliced pepper or cucumber… invite the team.  Grab some fat and protein and know that with those guys you are feeding your body just what it needs to balance out.

Did you know:

  • Night time waking is many times a result of a significant drop in blood sugar.  A little pre bed snack (make sure there’s protein) can help with that and stop those 2am wake up calls in their tracks.
  • Low energy = low fuel and low fuel = low nutrients.  Just filling up with quality fuel (think REAL food) can help pull you out of the trenches of afternoon fatigue.  Hey, look at your lunch.  If your lunch lacks food (and we’re talking real food – not some microwave meal) your body is simply out of fuel.  Go on, give it something good.
  • Mood is DIRECTLY linked to what you put in your body.  Have you heard of the gut – brain connection?  The “second brain” aka your gut.  Yep, those are sure fire terms that solidify their connection.  We know that a ice cream sandwich tastes good but is that brain food? Heck no.  Once in a while, ok, but if more than 30% of your (or your kiddos) diet is made up of food-like substances (and not real food) you can expect some pretty harsh backlash from your brain.  Hey, it’s just upset with you and you need to make it right.  Grab a green smoothie and just say sorry.  It’ll forgive you.

Some of our fave magic trio snacks:

  • ANY fruit or vegetable with some nuts (preferably raw.)
  • ANY fruit or vegetable with nut butter (almond, cashew, sunflower, or peanut.)
  • A piece of lean protein (preferably organic and grass-fed) and a few veggie slices (peppers, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, broccoli, leafy greens, etc.)
  • Some smoked salmon with guacamole.
  • A cup of mixed bean salad.  Think black beans, diced peppers, salsa and avocado or guac. Yum? … YUM!
  • A small portion of left overs.  Generally speaking a healthy dinner will be inclusive of our magic trio.  Look no further than those left overs for a snack.
  • A smoothie.  Think nut milk, leafy greens, chia seeds, an orange or banana, a date, some ice and WHAM.  The band has arrived and is ready to jam.

Now you try.  Tell us some of YOUR favorite magic trio snacks.

Happy Monday, welcome to our new site and have an AWESOME rest of your week.  Oh and… snack it out!

PN love,

Katie and the team.