So, I’m no expert in beauty products, I’ll tell you that. It’s actually comical that I, Katie, am writing about makeup tips as the other three PN ladies are beauty product-obsessed. One of our favorite responsible product lines is, of course, Beautycounter. Their ingredients are proven safe, sourced sustainably and, oh yeah, they actually work. Beautycounter uses the INCI system, an internationally recognized way of standardizing labels on cosmetic products that provide consumers with greater transparency. Hearing that the European Union has banned over 1,300 products in the past two decades while the United States has only partially banned 30 really irks us. It’s not cool. Just not even close to cool. It’s time for a change. Period. In the words of Beautycounter, scientists shouldn’t be the only ones able to decipher the label on a cosmetics bottle.


With that said, if you’re like me – it’s overwhelming. Changing products gets me wondering where to even begin. And beyond that… “this might cost me a fortune”. Amiright? Well today we are talking about how to get more conscious about our products without feeling like our asses are getting kicked. I parallel it to how we approach food. At PN we aren’t here saying, “You need to completely clear out the fridge and cabinets!”, but instead making it more of an evolution. The smaller the steps we take, the more they tend to hold for the long haul.

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What’s more? We have a Beautycounter giveaway to really get us pumped. More on that in a bit. But first, here are my five steps to upgrading beauty products while not breaking the bank.

  1. Ask yourself what you use the most. That product will a) run out the fastest (aka you’ll need it sooner) and b) is on your skin the most and is likely a high priority for swapping out. Jot that down and start researching your options. For me it’s tinted moisturizer / concealer.
  2. Carve out a evening and drag EVERYTHING out of your makeup bag / closet. Throw away what you don’t use. This reduces the overwhelm when you feel like you have so much to replace. But once that’s gonezo, you can delete that visual from your mind. Hey, maybe your list isn’t that long after all!?
  3.  Capitalize on gifts. Yeah, I said that. When someone (ok maybe just your loved ones;) asks you what you want for your Birthday or Christmas, tell them it’s the nude colorstick (hey Mom, that tag was for you… mmk?!).
  4. Start to audit areas that you are spending money frivolously. What do you spend money on that will actually change your life and support your health? I mean read this page and it will set you straight (maybe even make you a little angry) on what’s being allowed in and on our bodies. Do you really need that new pair of shoes that you will maybe wear once a month? Instead how about a new cleansing balm (I love this shit and it lasts FORever) that you can rest assured won’t be causing a chemical science experiment below your skin.
  5. Finally, throw yourself a bone. Beautycounter cover your ears… do you have ONE product that you can’t quite break up with yet?! For me it’s my lip gloss. It’s not holistic or hippie or clean. I SWEAR I’ve tried countless options and never found a good replacement. It’s coming, I know it is, but I’m not going to stress about this one. My foundation, moisturizer and cleanser have all been upgraded and I feel really great about that.


At Prescribe Nutrition we believe that treating our bodies with responsible food and responsible products is of the utmost importance – so it’s our pleasure share our love for Beautycounter and it’s peer companies that are standing up for our health! Make sure to head to our instagram to enter to win the All Over Sunscreen.