Here at Prescribe Nutrition we LOVE whole foods. No surprise there, huh?  It’s our foundation, our passion and many times… how we make friends.

WholeMe cover

WholeMe is all those things – fresh, WHOLE and awesome!  We blogged about them a while back but since then they’ve taken their mission & products a step further.  WholeMe is ready to play with the big gals and guys.  They want to take their efforts across the country in a stores and studios where the consumer is begging for these sorts of offerings.

If you know us, you know, we believe…

real food goes bad

And that’s WholeMe.  REAL.

We invited WholeMe back today as they round the corner for their Kickstarter campaign (if you can, they’d love your support!).  Of our 992 program participants over the past year we hear a common thread -all.the.time.- what can we do, eat, or snack on in a pinch?? Well, it’s wonderful grab and go’s like DateMe, WakeMe and EatMe (don’t you dig the names?) that answer to the call.


Ok, so for kicks we asked Mary Kosir a couple fun questions about the history of WholeMe.

When did you make your first bar?

The DateMe bar was made in my kitchen.  A couple of gals from my gym were over drinking wine as I was baking them for an event.  At this point, the folks at my gym loved the bars and asked me to bring some in for a team competition.  There was no ‘WholeMe’ yet.  That night with the gals as they were helping me wrap them up, one of them said, “hey, since this  bar is made with dates you should call them DateMe”.  My daughter then ran downstairs and made a little label with “DateMe” on the label and an XOXOXO in a circle.  That’s the night DateMe was born.  I brought them into the gym the next day, and everyone LOVED the little hand-made labels.

Where are WholeMe bars now? In the country that is.

We have reached about 25 states.  There’s even a gym in Hawaii selling our cereal now.  People find us through bloggers, articles, and our website at  Sales are currently brisk and we’re hoping to get into the Twin Cities co-ops and smaller grocery stores over the next few months!  We are always looking for opportunities to do product tastings so if you’d like to see WholeMe in a store near you, please request our product!  Every consumer request counts.

What are your goals for growth?

Over the next 18 months, WholeMe would like to roll out to 4-5 different national markets, which we are in the process of identifying.  We are in the midst of upgrading our packaging (new bar labels and a pre-printed cereal labels) so that our product is store-ready and less labor intensive (ie peeling off labels and putting them on packages).  We are attending the Natural Food Expo West in CA next month with the hopes of getting our product name front and center with other natural food items in this Gluten Free space.  We know that once people try our products, they are hooked!! So, we are SUPER excited for this increased visibility and what it will mean for WholeMe

Check out his article that came out this week!

Mary & KristaToday they are in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and will be making some other newsworthy appearances around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in the coming week.  If you like to see WholeMe near YOU, supporting them via Kickstarter is the way to go.  I know that any donation would be so greatly appreciated!