Our resident foodie and health nut Will Spurzem is back on the Prescribe  Nutrition scene to debunk the notion that eating healthy is expensive and a pain in the as$.  This is Will’s go-to meal for a solo, easy week-night meal.  You know what he tops it off with at the end?  A kombucha to support digestion.  Female health nuts around the world may swoon.

Bowl O’ Good

by Will Spurzem
No recipe, just wing it. Nothing fancy here just vegetables, fiber, protein, olive oil, parmesan, some red pepper flakes and creativity.
What you’ll need:
Coconut oil or olive oil
Corn (frozen or fresh off the cob)
Canned black beans
Cooked brown rice
Frozen spinach or veggies of your choice
Your favorite salsa
The key? Blacken the corn. This 1 minute move will make you look like you actually know what you’re doing.
Use frozen corn in a skillet over medium heat with a spoonful of olive or coconut oil, add chili flakes and sauté until it starts to blacken up. Add in any other veggies you want to sauté with them, when done, sprinkle frozen chopped spinach over and let the spinach steam – no stirring required – then dump a can of rinsed black beans over the top, spread out, and let it all simmer and steam. When the rice is done pour half of a cup or so of salsa verde into the pan, mix it all up and then spoon over some cooked brown rice. Add parmesan to your liking, and obviously some Tapatio, Obviously.

And…if you want…
  • add more green salsa at the end…
  • add a fried egg, the yolk tastes realllly good
  • serve it over tortillas and eggs for a modified breakfast dish
  • or just eat it by the spoonful
Hey, for some, rice and beans may translate into a little excess gas.  If this is an issue, combat that by having a half bottle of kombucha after dinner…as a dessert. Your body, and your partner, will thank you.