It’s May. How did that happen? It feels like yesterday we were launching our New Year program, and now daffodils are blooming. But hey, no complaining here! Katie and Anna are in Minnesota, where winter was acting like a lingering house guest. I’m in San Francisco (where weather is truly one of the great unsolved mysteries), and apparently May is “tropical heat wave” month, so really, we’re happy to welcome May.

Even those lambs are thrilled it’s Spring.

What’s May look like at Prescribe Nutrition? We’re looking at the Whole picture. Whole + Holistic. Two words we (and others) use all the time. But what do they really mean? Good question. Following a ‘whole foods’ diet, a holistic wellness lifestyle…these things sound nice but how do they relate to my life? Well, Plato said it best:

Smart guy.

The foundation of Prescribe Nutrition is taking a look at the whole picture in order to achieve health and balance. Food is where we start – we must recognize what we put into our bodies becomes our bodies. Do we need to dig deeper than food? Sure, sometimes. And that’s where we take a look at the whole picture – lifestyle, emotions, activity, environment…the list goes on. All of these things can and do play a huge role in overall well-being. For example, one can make many positive changes to their diet., however, eating like a real angel, yet avoiding issues such as happiness, stress or even a big problem like toxicity, it can still make you feel off.This is where the whole picture comes in. It’s something we like to call the sum of all goods. 

Some of the things we’ll be touching on this month? 

  • What defines a ‘whole food?’ How about a ‘whole’ meal?
  • Looking at the whole instead of the part 
  • The road to a whole me – guess I gotta get spiritual now
  • Show me a whole outfit. Yep, we’re talking fashion. 
  • What exactly is holistic medicine? Integrative medicine?
  • Meet some holistic practitioners
  • Meet some friends of ours who’ve changed their ‘whole’ lives

Can’t wait to see what this month has in store for us…