I practice what I call ‘good medicine’, combining the best of modern contemporary medicine with the best of alternative and complementary medicines. It blends the knowledge we’ve gained from science with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions. I use and recommend conventional medicine (drugs and surgery) when appropriate, but I also embrace complementary approaches, e.g. acupuncture, nutrition, supplements, herbs, bodywork, stress reduction, yoga and meditation. In addition to using different therapeutic techniques, I always take into account the patient’s belief systems, attitudes, feelings, social relationships and environment. I also look at their patterns of eating, working, resting, sleeping and exercising and never lose sight of the body’s ability to heal itself. And finally, my role as a practitioner includes teaching my patients to get healthy and inspire them to stay healthy.

So… how does THAT sound.  Amazing?  We thought so.  Dr. Frank Lipman is one of our favs and we figured you should meet him.

Lipman and his staff are all about the individual.  They have the commitment (like us) to make sure that each person understands that they’re unique, their health very different to everyone else’s AND that they have options.  Many. Many.

What’s awesome about functional and integrative health is that the options are just that.. many.  

We want you to know that – you have options.  They are out there for the taking. Next time you feel like your health options have reached a dead end.  Think again.  Here is a great resource to find a functional or integrative physician near you.  IFM has got you covered!