Meet Kate Scharenbroich, Minnesota-born, Park City based, chef, recipe developer, yoga instructor, and nutrition counselor wanting to change the way people relate to food. We are beyond excited to partner with Kate and Body Nourish for our brand new recipe packet for Prescribe 20 [2016]. Get ready to fall in love with her. Take it away, Kate!


I studied biology and nutrition at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, which is a culture so connected to fresh, whole foods, ample outdoor time, and slower pace of life. This experience expanded my fascination with nutrition as a place of balance. It went far from the numbers and caloric ticked boxes I had studied,and moved towards the types of personal relationships you’re having, how you relieve stress, how present you are in your life, what types of experiences you are having. We assimilate all of that. All of that is nutrition.  


If you want to be glowing and healthy, it isn’t just about sipping a green juice, you have to be really honest with how you are feeling about yourself and others. You can be eating the cleanest diet, sprouted greens and whole foods, you can measure it all in the perfect equation, but if you are flustered with a toxic relationship, or constantly forcing yourself to a spinning class when your body is craving a long stretch, then you won’t feel healthy. Your eyes won’t glow, or your body won’t fully radiate. You really are a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.  

This realization of health as a true, authentic balance became a quest. I wanted to find a way to visualize radiant, whole body health as a career.  I gained a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour yoga teaching certificate and became a Natural Health Chef through The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York.  

To me, the partnership of yoga and cooking becomes a medium to express attention, vibrancy, color, pleasure, aliveness. Real, colorful, living ingredients, and taking time to tap into your breath becomes a perfect place to reconnect. Though my passion for yoga and natural health cooking, I formed Body Nourish, a natural health based consulting and catering company.  Currently, I travel between Utah, Hawaii and Minnesota working with clients to transform their health through individualized nutrition and yoga therapy. We also reconnect through pop-up plant-based dinners, health and yoga retreats using recipes I have specially developed for Body Nourish.  


A few healthy living tips I swear by:

  • I start my day with a lemon ginger health toddy. I juice a lemon, 1 inch of fresh ginger, and a knob of fresh turmeric to make a potent sunrise colored tonic,. I then add hot water and drink it when I wake up and again in the afternoon. I do that and I feel amazingly refreshed, alkalized and warm. The lemon enhances your liver’s ability to detox, the ginger boosts your immunity and potent anti-inflammatory, and the turmeric is just, well it’s nature’s wonder drug.
  • Sometimes my work days include 12-14 hours in a kitchen, prepping, mixing, plating, and rushing all day, barely breathing let alone having time to sit for a meal. I taste and sample and make sure the dishes are coming out how I envisioned, but to make sure I’m feeling hydrated and satiated, I keep a very, very large mason jar of green juice to sip on throughout the day. Usually it’s a blend of herbs like cilantro, parsley, dark leafy greens, lemon, more ginger, and one whole cucumber. It’s amazing how much it satiates cravings and perks your energy.  
  • I try my best to get outside every day for at least an hour, usually it’s a run first thing in the morning. For me, this is the best time to get in motion, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. As a naturally antsy person, it also keeps me a bit calmer.
  • After work, I try to get in an evening yoga class. Typically it’s a very slow, restorative practice to rebalance a long day on my feet.
  • My favorite beauty foods to get that healthy glow would have to be:
    • Radishes: which include the three main ingredients for beautiful skin and eyes: silica, sulfur and vitamin C.  
    • Watercress: usually in my green juice, because it oxygenates your blood, improves circulation, and allows you to release toxins. It makes you glow more than any expensive cream can.  
    • Cilantro: a powerful anti-bacterial and detoxifier that evens your skin tone.

More wellness tips, recipes, and healthy living tidbits on and @body_nourish on Instagram. 

All photos are courtesy of Kate // Body Nourish. Alexander Zoltai is the mastermind behind the lens for the portrait photography! Join us for Prescribe 20 [2016] to get your hands on some of Kate’s beautiful and delicious recipes! Use code: ‘nourishme’ for 20% off. That’s less than $7 a day for 20+ days of constant nutrition support. Almost too good to be true…almost.