We love our Thursdays! Why? because, as usual, we get to introduce you to someone (or product, concept, organization) that we think you’ll really LOVE.  As you know, this month is all about the juniors in our world and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have guest blogger Samantha Huddleston on board.  This lady, mother of two, photographer… oh wait, I should just let her tell you about herself!… is with us today.  Get excited to see her amazing pictures and posts over the next couple of months.  Welcome, Samantha & the fam!
Hello there!
My name is Samantha. I am originally from Minneapolis but now live in Hawaii! Yes, I am a long ways from good ol’ Minnesota and I am trying to thoroughly enjoy our new “home” everyday because I know we won’t be living here forever. I am married to a soldier so the military life has you moving from place to place and it’s great the new people you get to meet & the new places you get to explore. I have two kids, Dean just turned 3 and Nora just turned 1…they are a sweet handful of work along with their dog sisters, Gracie & Sylvia.
My education background is in Public Relations/Marketing and Health Education. I have also owned a portrait photography company called Samantha H. Photography for the last 4 years and last year I started a website/Instagram feed (#healthtography) called Healthtography (healthy living + photography) I wanted to create a space to encourage & inspire others to look into healthier alternatives or lifestyle choices. I am so proud about the #healthtography Instagram feed as people from all over the world post their healthy meals or exercise photos daily.

I just recently completed my 200-hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) training and have been teaching a Mama & Babe yoga class as well as a kid-free yoga class on the weekends. I think everyone needs a little yoga or exercise in his or her life to unwind from the hectic days. I just recently started working for a mama & babe nutrition non-profit as Marketing Coordinator and I hope to be able to plan some events to expand their impact and also create a yoga program for pre-natal yoga and mama & babe yoga too! I will also of course being taking some photos for their image library and for a fundraising event for the organization later this year!
So as you can see I have a lot on my plate over here in Hawaii and I am so excited to contribute for junior’s month as I love to help others in anyway I can. I am always trying to find healthier alternatives from the kitchen table to the medicine cabinet so I am excited to be apart of this awesome blog to learn from others too. I am excited for the kiddos program to start at the end of July because we can always use some fresh and creative ideas for meal & snack time.

I will be back soon with my sneaky tricks on how to get your picky eaters (my son) to eat/drink his greens. Battle of the Greens as I like to call it!  
With love,