Each Thursday we like to introduce you to someone, something, a new concept and so forth.  We have a lot of fun people that are stopping by the blog in the next few weeks but until then – meet TODAY.  What’s your day like? Exciting plans for the weekend?  Going to try a new restaurant?  Whatcha got?!

Here’s our Thursday:

Katie & Anna are giddy.  We are off to see Michael Pollan tonight in Minneapolis.  Do you know who Michael Pollan is?  If you do, you can get giddy with us, if you don’t – you MUST check him out.
He’s an author, activist, professor (UC Berkely), and pretty much … awesome.  Well we think so.

Here’s his newest book, Cooked.

Megan is hours away from boarding a plane and heading to NOLA for Jazz Fest.  I mean really, That’s going to non stop fun, dancing and just all around colorful.  We are excited for her.
So there’s Thursday in a big old nutshell at PN.  What are you excited about?