Happy day before the 4th!

Our June theme was about juniors and July is all about glowing… AND today it’s about both!

They (the kids!) can glow too – you bet.

Today I’m going to go at this in reverse.  So what make us and the kids not glow?  When I think of glowing I think energy, happy, feeling sharp, looking bright eyed and more.  Now I’m sure we can all relate to not feeling those things, yeah?  Can you relate to a time(s) that you looked at your child, grandchild, niece or nephew and could tell they did not feel their best?  Wonder what that’s all about?We don’t feel great and until we have the tools to make the connections to why, we hope it passes.  Until those connections are made it’s really tough to understand.  To know what to do and what not to do.

In today’s blog I’m not going to fully conclude any one topic idea but what I will do is open up the discussion.  In our PN programs – New Rules & Get Balanced – our number one priority is to invite in the connection.  To get to know our bodies, to understand what works for us and what doesn’t.  We clear out the clutter so you have a new lens to look through.  Think of that lens as a very personal and direct portal to your body and mind.  By the end of our programs so many of our participant circle back as they are virtually jumping up and down at the notion that their: headaches, constipation, IBS, arthritis, brain fog…. is GONE.  What did we do?!  It’s not what we did, it’s what THEY did.  They took a giant step back to see what they could learn about themselves.

Pretty cool when you get to know YOU, huh?

Now back to the kids in your life.  Today I invite you to get curious.  Could the children you care so much about afford to feel better?  If the answer is yes then it’s time to go on a “glow mission.”  Can you begin to make connections with their bodies and certain foods?  Have you tried reflecting, even writing down some ideas, notes, hunches you might have on this topic?  Wonder what a couple days dairy free might do for upset tummies?  How about a long weekend with no processed foods, chemicals or dyes? Could mood or behavior improve?

Getting the kids to glow is the very reason we wrote Kids Rule: nutrition that matters – to help support you on this journey; to get sound input and advice when it comes to understanding the overwhelmingly huge connections to food and the body.  If doing this on your own feels a little daunting, we’ve carved out 12+ days to make sure you feel supported 100% – that’s our job.

We love what we do.  It’s not only our job but our passion.  If we have a choice between an old episode of Friends or a Ted Talk that delves into nutrition, the food industry and research to support it… sorry Rachel and Joey – we love you but the choice has been made.  We’ll save you for a rainy day.

Enjoy your holiday week and know that getting to glow  – for you and your family – is within reach.  You are the best resource you could ever have!  We just know it.

Lots of PN independence love!

Katie & the team