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What would the holidays be without our favorite indulgences…you know, the ones you look forward to for about eleven and a half months, swear your not going to overdo and then enjoy to the point of…unbuttoning your pants, heartburn or the dreaded a sugar coma? This was a hot topic over at our Holiday Disaster Prevention Program party. We all have ’em…

Katie and Megan have a shared December love affair with peppermint stick ice cream, and Anna has a countdown until her mother-in-law’s pecan pie. The answers we got from our friends during the program covered about every dreamy dish in the book – the stuffing, mashed potatoes, pies, cookies, cheese spreads and platters, bars, breads, casseroles, and if you can believe it, the list went on. Drooling yet? We were.

There is just no separating food from the holidays – and there shouldn’t be! We love food (duh!). But upgrading the food is a whole different topic, and it’s one we’ve been working on for months. Imagine eating your favorite foods and NOT fighting falling asleep before your dishes are in the sink – we are cuttin’ the crap and loading up on the delicious and nutritious.

Without further ado, meet our holiday ecookbooks.PN ebooks together In case your wondering, this does mean that we have been eating holiday dishes for the past couple months – and we have yet to unbutton our jeans 🙂

Cheers to happy, healthy, holiday cookin!

**NOTE: Just the Thanksgiving ecookbook is currently available.  December will be out shortly.  But hey, why rush it.  Let’s sit back and enjoy!