This month we’re putting the spotlight on “That moment when…” It refers to those times in life that you got a wake up call, were called out, had a stark realization, or perhaps came to the conclusion that your day to day habits were no longer working. At all. We all have those moments. Sometimes it’s your 2 year old telling you he likes your “squishy butt.” Other times it’s a complete stranger saying, “Oh hello dear, how far along are you?”  You know. Those moments. They seem to go hand in hand with defining moderation and what works for YOU.


They say everything’s good in moderation, right? Even moderation. It seems like a smart rule to live by, in fact perhaps it’s the real key to keeping things balanced. Too much of a good thing can sometimes result in a bad thing. Too much of a bad thing…well, duh, it will just get worse.

The Prescribe Nutrition team has been talking about balance since…we met. What does it really mean?  Where do you draw the line between ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy?’ The truth is it’s different for everyone. There is no easy answer. What’s healthy for one person can be toxic for another. We’ve come to one very clear conclusion though; one suggestion that applies to everyone:

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We work with a lot of clients who have food sensitivities. Many times we discuss cutting certain foods out, either temporarily or indefinitely. It’s not always a fun conversation, telling people to kiss goodbye their morning routine or favorite treat. Hey, we get it, coffee and toast can be a hard thing to give up.

Here’s an example of  a time I had to re-learn what moderation truly meant. This convo went down when I [Megan] was really diving into the world of nutrition, really trying to figure things out. I knew I had to eliminate some things but was having a hard time giving them up, or perhaps pretending that ice cream does not = dairy. At the time I was working with an esthetician as I was frustrated with my skin. This was a ‘that moment when’ for me, a mini reality check if you will. Here’s how our conversation went:

Esthetician: “Megan, we’ve really got to give dairy a break. It’s just not working for YOU.”
Megan: “No, I know. And really I’m not having it, barely at all.”
Esthetician: “What’s barely?”
Megan: “Hmmm…I’ll have cream in my coffee, but that’s it. Oh and maybe ice cream, but only on Sundays.”
Esthetician: “So when I say ‘rarely,’ for me, that means on my birthday. Or Christmas.”

Oh. Ohhhhh. How’s that for a wake up call?! I knew I was reacting to dairy but I wasn’t honoring that. I wanted to feel better but I wasn’t taking the real steps I needed to. The thing about food sensitivities is that, if you gold cold turkey you may feel frustrated, have big cravings or like you’re depriving yourself – and it’s easily to fly off the handle when you’re in that territory. But the flip side is, if you don’t have a full education behind the power of food sensitivities, well you’re far more likely to throw in the towel after 1 week. When you know that food sensitivities can play a big role in hormones, skin, digestion, stress, mental acuity, stamina, and thyroid imbalances, it changes the way you look at things. That’s why we dig so deep into the education piece in Prescribe 20. You have to understand the power of the food you eat in order to make committed changes.


A sneak peek of how to tune into what’s going on with you? We like to say “clear out the clutter and turn down the noise.” Eliminate the stuff you know isn’t serving you: sugar, refined carbohydrates (think bagels, bread, pastries, cookies…etc.), artificial sweeteners and preservatives, packaged food, stress, late nights, etc. and add in the good stuff – eat veggies with abandon, fresh fruit, clean and healthy proteins and of course some healthy fats.  Be outside more. Laugh often. When you get rid of the bad stuff and add in the good stuff your body will become more of a ‘clean slate,’ one that you can work with to fine tune what works for YOU. Find support and find your community. We like to think we’ve created a space like no other in Prescribe 20. Join us this April, and use the code imready for 20% off!