Motivation is quite a word.  It holds so much power and expectation.  We wait for it… some days desperately.

When it comes to health and wellness, motivation is likely a big part of your success and also can be a big part of your “failure” (we hate that word… we like to say “opportunity”)…  So here’s our big suggestion:  throw motivation out the window.  Literally, open the window and toss it out! Whew, now how does that feel?


Enter momentum.  Now, momentum is where it’s AT.  Let’s think about this…  We usually get a great deal done not by some grandios plan that is seamlessly executed.. but because one-by-one we check things off.  Some days the “checks” are better and more productive then others but its the momentum of seeing things get done that drives us to the end goal and keeps us going.  This very concept can be directly applied to our health.  It’s not about “starting over” or completely accepting a new way of thinking, doing, or feeling all at once – but it’s little by little, seeing small and incremental shifts improve our quality of life, our day-to-day, our sleep, our energy, our moods and even our relationships improve.  So we challenge you to let a little momentum into your life and see what it can do you for.  Remember motivation really doesn’t exist without momentum.

Wanna know what else – same principles apply with our healthy (or not so healthy) eating habits.  It’s not about changing everything in a blink of an eye, its about making some good efforts to put some whole and healthy foods in our bodies and then… voila! We feel better… so we just keep doing what make us feel that way.  And it’s a result of that simple philosophy – your friend MOMENTUM!


C’mon, if we waited for motivation to get us eating healthy…well, that might take a while.

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