Moms. Where to even begin…they bring us into this wild world, feed us, bath us, hug us, scold us, help us spread our wings, watch us fall, get back up, fall again (and I’m talking about still at 36 yrs old). Our Moms are lifeblood, our cheerleaders and our inspiration. Do we love each and every thing they do or say? Ummm, no, but that would be boring.

Today we wanted to tell you what we love about our Moms. Our #momspiration. Not all of us are Moms at PN, but our mad respect for them led us to a fun little photo shoot by the stellar talent of Sarah Hrudka, some Mom-loving tee’s by EVEREVE and a little stroll through Whole Foods.



My mom is Mary Ann. She 69 years young. And let’s be honest, she looks no older than 50, she’s a hottie. This year on her birthday I wrote an Instagram to describe what I think of when she’s comes into my mind and it’s one clear attribute: she shows up. My mother is there. Showing up is not something that comes easy, especially these days. We are inundated with more than we can handle and it’s tougher than ever to show up for everything – temptation and instant gratification take us away for what’s really important, our people. One thing is for sure, being with the people you love, whoever they are, is where life truly lives. My Mom speaks that language each day.

Thank you Mom for not only showing up but inspiring me to as well.  I love you, KK


My mom is Emily. She is 72 years young and just like Katie’s mom, she has found the fountain of youth. I don’t know her secrets yet but when I do I’ll share with everyone. I was the all too common case of a daughter who didn’t fully appreciate just how incredible her mom was until later in life. Still sorry about that mom. When I look back I now know if there was a lottery in life, I won it with my parents. I could write a very long list of all my mom’s attributes, but at the end of the day she has taught me a very important thing: you really do have to take care of yourself in order to take care of the ones you love. Find habits that make you happy, spend time with people who make you smile, walk every day, eat good food and be thankful for what you have. Live simply. The older I get the more I realize those things, and recognize it’s what my mom has always done. Thanks mom I love you more each day! MM



I am beyond blessed to call Debbie Fee, Mom. From the time my mom was a little girl, she knew she was called to share her light with the world. Guided by her wisdom and intuition, she has done just that. I have never met a person who is so overjoyed to share her gifts with others. She is a master gardener who plants seeds of love, hope, happiness and success wherever she goes, and in her presence we all bloom. Thank you mom for living fearlessly, daring greatly and achieving one of life’s greatest challenges – knowing who you are and being just that, you. All my love to you!!


Whenever I get compared to my mom I am honored – it is truly the best compliment. She is the most loving person I know. She constantly puts our family, her students, and her friends before herself. It’s always about us and never about her. She inspires me to be a gentler, more humble human daily. Mom, I love your ‘hallmark-card-esque’ text messages, your never ending support, and your unconditional love. Thank you for constantly lifting me up. You are the cutest, skinny-jean wearing mom out there. I love you!


Beyond the love for our Moms, we love others who are supporting Moms and all they do. EVEREVE (formerly Hot Mamma) is a local business (now national) that is out there showing where passion and hard work can take us… ANYWHERE we want to go.

This video truly incapsulates the unbelievable work that women are doing. Grab a tissue.

To learn a little more about what we are up to this Mother’s Day weekend, hop on over to Kids Rule where, while the focus is on the kiddos, it’s really on you and your happy dinner table.  Use the code: momspiration for 30% off!mothers-day-2