Get outside! We’ve got a thing for nature. It’s so therapeutic and healing when you can slow down and appreciate it. We’ve been making a point to reconnect with nature this year and these are our two favorite [and simple] ways.

Get grounded. Physically connect with the earth. Grounded, also known as earthing, is the idea that our bodies are meant to be in contact with the earth regularly. You may do this naturally if you hang out barefoot or if you garden but for others you might not remember the last time you literally touched the earth (another reason why we should all live at the beach, right?!) You literally balance out the positive and negative charges in your body when you ‘ground’ yourself with the earth. Sounds a little woo-woo (we know) but don’t knock it ‘til you try it! It can be as simple as laying in the grass, slipping your shoes off quick to run your feet on the grass, or maybe you’re lucky enough to take a barefoot beach stroll. Set a goal for yourself to get in touch with the ground X amount of times this week. We often leave feeling more balanced and at peace.

TT_nature2 (1)

Be aware. We’re probably all outside at some point of the day but in that time, are you rushing to and from your car? Are you on a power walk with bumpin’ jams in your earbuds? Switch it up next time you’re outside and just start to observe. Take out your earbuds, turn your phone on silent and just be present and aware of the environment around you. Observe the temperature, the movement, the noises. Soak it all up. Aim for five minutes a day. You can do it, we all can do it.

KJ_PCHThe outcome? Our moods lift, we feel more balanced internally, we feel at peace, we feel appreciative, our senses are stimulated. No negative side effects here…so get out there, experience the power of nature!