Public Service Announcement: Fall is here.

Excuse me, but how did that happen? Where did the summer go? How does life move at such a terrifying / beautiful / relentless pace? Well, like it or not, autumn is creeping, and with that some exciting change of tides at Prescribe Nutrition. You may have noticed we took a nice, long break, and that in May we ran another round of the hyper-effective, nourishing and reliable Prescribe 20. It felt good to be back on the discussion boards, to be clearing out the dietary clutter, and to support people on their journey to knowing of what best feeds their bodies. 

Well, that was just the beginning. While Megan and I took time to explore new passions and give ourselves permission to rest, a dear friend shared her love of Prescribe Nutrition + her own business goals…enter Christina Sandok. An entrepreneur and marketing guru we had collaborated with in years past, Christina started her own journey into the wellness world, and expressed an interest in taking over the reigns of Prescribe Nutrition. What you have to understand is this: Megan and I don’t have actual babies, and in a sense PN was our baby. So to have someone like Christina, someone who is so beautifully kind, intelligent, thoughtful and an overall badass, felt serendipitous. She’s kind of an angel among us (she’s going to want me to delete that and I will not). Christina entered the Prescribe Nutrition storyline at exactly the moment she was meant to, and we are so grateful to have the company that we founded grow in the direction we had always dreamt, with Christina at the helm.

Taking a walk down memory lane just yesterday, I got nostalgic thinking of all the topics we dove into. We’ve talked digestion. Doshas. Vulnerability. Sex. Weight. You name it, we’ve shared the food connection. In running our programs, thousands of people took a leap of faith on us in an effort to feel better. To know the programs are coming back + so much more is all we’ve wanted for Prescribe Nutrition. Christina’s vision is inspiring and remains true to our original goal: empower people in the world of health and wellness, and to have fun while doing so. You’ll be seeing and learning quite a bit more about Christina in the coming months, but know that Katie and myself remain committed to supporting her along this journey. 

Thank YOU, dear readers and PN’ers, for being the most important part of this journey. 

xo Katie & Megan

Photo credit: Wing Ta