Why New Rules?

Education. Support. Applicable. Results.

Ditch the diets and “lifestyle changes” and get back to the basics. We won’t point fingers in any particular direction, but lets get real, clearly we need new rules. There is so much emphasis on eating to look a certain way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to feel great. Does it feel good to lose pounds and inches? Of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is functioning the way it should – that your blood sugar is better regulated, that your IBS is slowly disappearing, that your adult acne is clearing or that your arthritis flare ups are diminishing.

Truth: Losing weight does not necessarily mean that you are more healthy. And health is what it’s really all about. We believe that a healthy body, over time, will weigh less {if there is weight to lose}. But more importantly, a healthy body will feel as good as it looks. More energy? Check. Better sleep? Check. Less bloated? You know it.

Few excuses are worth more health issues and continuing to travel through life in a fog of exhaustion. Let’s address some excuses, shall we?

We already eat pretty well.
Good for you! Caring about what your eating is the first step on the road to health. Here’s the catch. We are so misinformed about what is good for us. If eating well includes low fat anything, diet anything or boxed and bagged food that has multiple ingredients {most of which you don’t understand} – then we would like to help you redefine “eating well.” Let’s get educated. New Rules will do just that.

What will I get here that I can’t get from books and google searches?
A lot. Our past participants all agree that one of their favorite features is the support. You are just a question and a keyboard away from two nutritionists the whole 10 days. In addition, there is a definite online community that is built as we navigate together. Yup, we bond!

We have some events that are going to make eating healthy difficult – plus, I am traveling for work. And are there scheduled times I need to be online? I can’t commit to that.
Hey, we weren’t kidding when we said no more excuses! Here’s the deal, these rules are applicable for life. In our book, life wouldn’t be worth living if it didn’t include parties, vacations, book clubs, barbecues, dinners out with friends, etc. That’s why we want to create new rules.  These are rules for the real world and believe us, they are no less delicious.
To answer your other question, no. Nothing is “scheduled.” All of the information is there for you to enjoy at a time that works best for you.

I really don’t think its in my budget right now?
If there is no way of working around it, we get it. New Rules will happen again in a couple months. Just remember those new spring flats or that new cute dress, they are not going to give you results –  New Rules, however, might just help you get back into that pile of clothes in your closet that you’ve been saving because you hope someday they’ll fit again. Hmmmm, maybe you can actually save money if you don’t need a better fitting wardrobe?

No more excuses. We want to leave you with one of many testimonials that brought tears to our eyes because you need to hear it from someone who has lived it {and still is!}.

My family and I can’t thank you enough for this amazing program! My husband and I have never felt better – this is saying a lot because I am 30 and have a nine month old. I have been having hormonal issues (as we all do) and this was one last effort to start to get things under control and it worked! I will be signing up for anything you offer that will support as I continue to figure out the new me! My husband told me the other night that he has never felt better and I know he is feeling like he will have all of the energy in the world to keep up with our new family. I am feeling very pround as a mom of the food I am making for our baby – apple and carrott chicken nuggets, quinoa mac and cheese, sweet potato cakes-we want to start him off on the right foot. AND the biggest testament: my husband and I LOVE going out for dinner. Since day one we have been dreaming of where we will go out to eat on for our first post-NYNR dinner. Last night we were still brainstorming and I said to him “None of this sounds worth it to me.” I suggested I make a big three course NYNR dinner instead of rewarding ourselves with bad food. At that point we knew, this is our new life! – Liz