baby list - Anna

With each pregnancy my list making obsession goes into overdrive. I even have a list of my lists, no joke – and of course I have a back up or three just incase every device I own simultaneously crashes. Most of the lists are pretty typical: hospital bag contents, baby names we like, things I’d like to have done around the house, lists for whoever has the kiddos while we’re at the hospital, yada, yada, yada… But the third time around I have a new list of “PN Goodies” and it rocks so hard it kind of makes me want to get pregnant again.

It was just after my last pregnancy that I began my journey into the world of nutrition. I was addicted to learning about health and wellness and drowning in a shit storm of information. It seemed like there were no real concrete answers to many of my questions. And although I love my doctor and my girl’s pediatrician, they weren’t well versed in functional medicine and therefore were unable to address many of the questions that were quickly arising.

baby list2 - Anna

Enter Katie Jasper and less than a year later Megan Morris and the birth of Prescribe Nutrition. As you know they are not doctors, BUT they have a wealth of knowledge and could point me in the direction of great resources when my questions were out of their realm. So I took notes (many notes), and used my bookmark bar (abused my bookmark bar), and emailed myself WAY too many links (thank God K & M recently introduced me to Google Drive). When we found out we were expecting over the summer, I immediately made my favorite and most frequently used pregnancy list.

At Prescribe Nutrition we ALWAYS start with food.  A slew of wonderful, colorful, whole foods.  That’s the baseline.  Then, because bolting around with two little gals all day armed with an excessive amounts of leafy greens and sauerkraut… well just ain’t in the cards.  Here’s my line-up:

My “PN Goodies”  

  • Prenatal Vitamin: Metagenics Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy multivitamin (it comes with the choline, calcium and EFAs so it feels like a 4-in-1)
  • Natural CALM: a magnesium supplement that aids in keeping things regular, sleep and relaxation AND nausea
  • Yoga Nidra: Helps me fall asleep and combat the “pregnancy insomnia,”  and the deep relaxation practice helps with hormone balance and will help with labor and delivery.  If you don’t know about it, you need to.  We stopped by Modern Parents Messy Kids last Spring talking all Nidra!
  • Probiotics: There is a ton of great information about the importance of a mother having healthy gut flora to pass on to her baby which happens during vaginal delivery. There are also some studies showing a decrease in children born with allergies when the mother takes Lactobacillus acidophilus during pregnancy – I am cautiously optimistic that our third daughter may have less food sensitivity and allergy struggles!  I’m now all about upping healthy bacteria & fermented foods.
  • Choline: To help with “baby brain.” Thankfully included in my multivitamin. Check out our baby brain blog!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Also helps with regularity, iron absorption (which I struggle with during pregnancy),  and heartburn – alleluia!

Now don’t you want to go get pregnant just so you can keep this list on your fridge? Weird, no? Fine, you win. But I would totally bookmark this jazz 😉