This week we’re grateful to have one of our lovely past program participants, Natasha, share her latest Prescribe Nutrition experience with us. It’s more than just doing one of our programs – it’s about utilizing PN approved recipes and implementing this way of eating all the time, not just during”programs.”  She took “nutrition for real life” and put it to the ultimate test: a potluck holiday party, with attendees who had never taken our program…and it was pretty huge success. It makes the holiday party frenzy a little less daunting when you throw a party like Natasha does. 

I recently fulfilled a dream…a dream to invite all the women in my neighborhood to share in the healthy food I’m so passionate about. The truth is … I needed re-invigorating. I had abandoned dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free eating, not for not believing in the transformational benefits, but because life can be complicated. When eating clean, I feel A LOT better and I wanted to both inspire and be inspired.

The gathering was named a “Healthy Pre-Holiday Party”. I would serve Prescribe Nutrition recipes from the programs and eHoliday cookbooks  (because I love them and they are my go-to’s), as well as, a few other PN legal foods. Fifteen women RSVP’d with a “Yes!” and I requested everyone bring something dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. We did have wine because I didn’t want to alienate them or totally bombard them with abstinence …plus, wine added that celebratory element.


I served:

• Homemade Guacamole and organic tortilla chips
• PN Rosemary Crackers with Black Olive Tapenade
• PN Lentil Soup with Lemon & Cilantro and Carrot Orange Soup with Thyme
• Curried Lentil Salad
• Store bought, local sauerkraut
• PN Date Power Balls and PN Gingerbread Snowballs, plus “Raw Cookie Dough” Bites
• Plus, I sent them all home with a jar of PN Overnight Oats (they were all tickled with that!)

The guests all brought homemade items:

• Almond Milk (homemade!) and a Vegan Eggnog
• Granola
• Pico de Gallo
• Roasted Chickpeas
• Kale & Lentil Salad; Black Bean & Quinoa Salad; and a Sweet Potato, Apple & Avocado Salad
• French Lentil Soup
• Chickpea Curry & Carrot/Mango Salad
• Chocolate Superfood Truffles and Lemon Coconut Energy Balls
• Carrot/Pineapple Popcicles!

Once the table filled with all the guests’ food, in addition to mine, a thrill came over me. I was so pleased to share my joy of eating and nutrition with others. Post-party, I collected all of the recipes served and shared amongst everyone. The evening was enlightening for everyone. From the initial uncertainly of what to bring, to the realization that there are really so many foods and recipes to choose from, everyone seemed interested and inspired. In fact, one of the women who was initially unconvinced wants to host a healthy food party in the spring! And for me, I fell in love again with healthy eating. Indeed re-invigorated by digging into my beautiful selection of Prescribe Nutrition recipes, but more surprised that I’m infatuated with homemade almond milk. Thanks, Prescribe Nutrition! Again.




unnamedNatasha’s weekly blog can be found at, as well as, On Twitter she is: @NatashaVOX and @YogaWisdomPath. Natasha Marchewka is a freelance voice talent, voicing commercials and corporate projects since 2006. Passionate about food, nutrition, and the joy eating, she is also fascinated by marketing, psychology, and the philosophy of Yoga. Natasha is a mother of two living in Nova Scotia, Canada.