If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you likely know – Megan is HERE.  Where’s here? Well in Minnesota that is.  Anna and I live here and Megan in San Fran (where it’s just a tad warmer).  At this point in our business we all sit in the same room oh, three to four times a year.  That’s it.  We are pretty proud of ourselves for how great we do working remotely but NOTHING beats being together.  After four days in each others company, it occurred to me how powerful a team really is.

The power of the team2Here are my thoughts:

  1. It’s a blast.  Having great women to collaborate with is FUN.
  2. It’s inspiring.  Other people (especially those you love) inspire you.  These ladies bring me to tears they’re so inspiring.
  3. It’s supportive.  When one’s tired, the other sparks with energy.  When the other feels discouraged, another becomes the biggest optimist there is.
  4. It’s practical.  Why try to put everything on one brain?  Just like we are supportive, we all have wildly different strengths.  Megan is more organized then one person can possibly imagine (she’s the best), Anna’s mind is creative beyond words (she runs eight businesses in her head – there is always an idea in there), and I (Megan inserted this) am driven (there is nothing we can’t do).
  5. We learn so much.  From the smallest of things (like teaching each other how to operate different applications) to how to be better people.  That all happens here.
  6. We love apples AND a cheesy pose.

The power of the team

Grateful? Well, we are beyond grateful.