Yep, you heard that right. Prescribe 20 is OPEN for registration! It’s been almost a year (OMG) since the last Prescribe 20 and with Spring upon us, we couldn’t think of a better time to bring it back.

ps. for a limited time, use the code: PN2019 and get 20% off.

Does this photo feel all too familiar? It sure does for us… but I mean, yum. Okay, okay.

If you’re anything like our team, you are ready for some home cooked meals chock full of all the goods (aka fuel) that will make you feel your best as we head into the sunny months. If you feel like you’ve lost that luster, energy and spring in your step, we have the solution to get you feeling your best, sleeping better and ready to take on SUMMER.

Honestly, let’s feel a little more like one of our best gals, Shannon Buth,
who’s done Prescribe 20 more times than she can count and still makes some of our very first, 2013 recipes on the regular.

What do you get? 20+ days of us by your side, over 150 recipes and a community of others doing the same… listen it’s what dreams are made of. Or so we like to think.  Learn to cook intuitively, select the most nourishing options at your grocery store, do virtual workouts and reconnect with your body. Feel like a million bucks people. Prescribe 20 kicks off on April 28th so RUN, don’t walk, to sign up and nab your spot.

Worried you won’t be able to drink coffee? Good news…you can! We’ll support you with navigating the ins and outs + all your questions.

On the fence as to whether now is the right time and need a reason to do it? Read this. Also, this might be the only Prescribe 20 in the near future. So, clearly – NOW is the time!

Your one-month-from-now future self is going to thank you!