Prescribe 20

A twenty day gentle detox that will change the way you look at food, forever.

How Prescribe 20 Works

Why diet when you can Prescribe 20?

Tried a detox, cleanse or diet that left you feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and hungry? So have we, and the verdict is in: they don’t work. Prescribe Nutrition has created a program that fills the gaps of traditional diets with interactive support and education that will change the way you feel, forever.

Our Signature Reverse Detox

Prescribe 20 is based on our signature reverse detox, which features a 3-tiered eating protocol spaced out over 20 days. Whether you’re a vegetarian, pregnant, paleo or just plain scared of diets, we make it work for you, because one diet does not fit all.

Daily Calendar

Prescribe 20 is mapped out over a twenty day calendar with materials, videos, workouts and eating protocols that walk you through how we work to uncover what foods work best for you. Our materials answer the “whys” behind healthy eating to create long lasting change in your approach to food.


We designed 3 eating protocols that progress through the 20 days in our signature reverse gentle detox. Go all in or modify the protocols to fit your needs! We believe you know your body better than anyone.

Live Discussion Boards

Have a burning question for a nutritionist? Want to be held accountable along the way? Ready to connect with other people on the same journey? You’ll love the conversations happening on our discussion boards and make some friends along the way.


With over 150 Prescribe Nutrition recipes you will never go hungry. In fact, we guarantee that many of these will become part of your daily rotation when Prescribe 20 is over.


Think you can’t get a workout in 12 minutes? Think again. Our HIIT [high intensity interval training] workouts by fitness buff Molly Doyle will you have seeing major results in 20 days.

Key Features

  • 3-tiered eating protocol
  • 150 + recipes
  • Meal planning tool
  • Daily emails
  • Support eating on the go
  • Grocery shopping guides
  • On demand nutritionist support
  • Interactive discussion boards
  • Incredible workouts
  • The unbeatable Prescribe 20 community!

Got questions? We got FAQ’s

Get Started

The best place to kick off is with our 20-day food gentle detox that will forever change the way you look at food.

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“I feel like there's finally a path I can take where everything is clear. I know what to eat that makes me feel my best. I have options to feed my family that they like (usually) and that I like to make. I feel truly healthy and aware of what I'm consuming for the first time ever. Thank you for the chance to hopefully and finally change the cycle of terrible eating lifestyles that have been a huge part of my family for many years. Thank you to the PN team for making this understandable, doable, and even easy!”
- Jana

“This program has helped me realize that I dont need to starve, eat gross food, or change my lifestyle dramatically, its just choices I will continue to make to lead me to my best self. Isn't that what we are ALL going for?! I don't even look at the bread basket when I go out to eat anymore as I know its not going to make me feel good.....and this is coming from a girl who's favorite food was toast. I love the "why" in the program because its very hard to know where to start if you don't know "why" you are doing it. Finally the light bulb has gone on for me. This has forever changed the way I treat my ONE and ONLY body. Thank you.”
- Erin

“I've made similar changes before, but on my own, and without the guidance of trained professionals. It was so helpful that you all seem so authentic and real, never making me feel like a failure for not knowing or not following through every time. This community has made ALL the difference in helping me to focus my efforts and to begin progress towards prioritizing nutrition over the dreaded scale.”
- Christine

“I have an attitude of gratitude for the prescribe 20 team. Today is 23 days for me without caffeine, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, and meat/fish. In the past, I have looked at detoxes and cleanses/fasts as a process of denying myself something for the greater good and have never completed one. Now, I can honestly say that I have a change in is my medicine cabinet. I am not "denying" myself anything of importance but rather giving myself time & space to adjust and acclimate to a more healthful way of eating.”
- Hayne

“I so appreciate your support and enthusiasm throughout this program. I am really satisfied to not only know my maca from my chia, but how to cook delicious food with all of my new staples. I highly doubt I could have made this type of change without your structure and enthusiasm. So far I've lost 6 lbs, and I am determined to lose more, but more than anything I am motivated to keep taking care of myself. I'm a Prescribe Nutrition fan for life. Tonight I am celebrating with a giant glass of red wine and toasting everyone here, but tomorrow, it's back to the smoothie bowl.”
- Jenny

“Knowledge is power! This program changed my life! I will never eat the way I had in the past again. My brain is forever re programmed and I can now read my body so much better! Thank you so much PN:)!! The discussion boards have been amazing, I've loved trying new recipes, the workouts have been great, and the information in the materials is a resource I'll refer to again and again. Hats off to all of the PN ladies. You're the best, and I'm incredibly grateful for what you do.”
- Kristin

“Thank you for an awesome program. I thought my diet was already super healthy, but I learned a lot about how much sugar & wheat we were actually eating. That was the best part; always feeling that I was getting plenty to eat and truly nourishing my body. My husband and I both lost about 5 pounds each. Also, he has very high blood pressure and at the doctor today, his blood pressure was back in the almost normal range. Huge win!!”
- Lori

“The support and encouragement you are providing is amazing. Whenever I think I of a question or I am unsure of something I know I have somewhere to go. My relationship with food (which has never been great) is changing a little more everyday and I am forever grateful. My daughter will have a great role model now! THANK YOU.”
- Lynora

“What makes this program so unique is that it's not simply clean-eating, weight loss or exercise. It's healing. We've all been to multiple doctors for random issues and yet we're still searching for answers. All the guidance, experience and support is much appreciated.”
- Maria

“My biggest accomplishment coming out of this is that I feel like I've finally conquered my sugar cravings! I still have them from time to time, but I feel like I can navigate them so much easier and choose from a variety of smarter choices. I also feel so much more confident knowing that when, inevitably, sugar has found its way back in my diet (that sugar really is a sneaky devil, isn't it?) I have the tools to kick it to the curb again.”
- Marissa

“I have NEVER felt so convicted and excited to change my health habits. I felt that you ladies were a supportive, knowledgeable and honest friend that walked me through a seemingly impossible change in my life. I am so grateful for the passion for health that you shared with, and instilled in, me and my little family. You have TRULY changed my life, helping me to surpass my goal for myself. I appreciate all of your hard work and your openness/approachability that makes PN feel like a good girlfriend to me.”
- Sheila Coito

“I have never lost this much weight (healthily) as I have on this program. I know it's not all about the weight, but, I feel and look so much better- and my spouse thinks so too 🙂 I went on my weekly shopping trip this afternoon as is my habit. I had a list. I had a menu. I knew what I wanted to prep this weekend for next week. I don't want to go back to how I was before... This is good. I know that it will be tough at first on my own, but I feel pretty confident I can do it. THANK YOU PN TEAM!!!!”
- Wendi

About Us

We believe everybody deserves to feel their best and that journey starts with food. What works for someone may not work for you. One diet does not fit all. We founded Prescribe Nutrition for everyone out there who is ready to make peace with food and their bodies. Life is not a diet, so let’s live.