The Community


Perhaps you took Prescribe 20, experienced our approach to better health, and want to remain held accountable for the long haul...or perhaps you’re a health nut who knows their way around the superfood aisle, and want to be a part of a community of folks on the same journey.

  • Prescribe connection includes
  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Ongoing support
  • access to Recipes
  • Interactive meal planning
  • Food Image Board
  • Earn Badges &
    PN Rewards
  • Access to the
    PN Community
  • Available on
    IOS & Android

Prescribe Connection is our community based approach to sustainable nutrition. Just like you’d head to the gym to keep your body physically fit, you’ve got to keep your mind and spirit inspired on the journey to better health - because it is just that, an ongoing journey. Stay inspired with our delicious recipes, library of materials, fitness challenges, interactive meal planning, user photo platform and of course, direct access to the discussion boards and our team. We're all in this together.