March 1st…wow. It feels like just yesterday we were launching the first New Year | New Rules program, and now suddenly Spring is on the horizon. It’s funny how every passing year we seem surprised how fast time is going, as if it’s speeding up, but we all know it’s not. There’s not much we can do about it, except of course, slow down, take care of ourselves and love every passing minute.

We decided March will be the month we kick our blog into high gear. Why? We’re getting amazing feedback from everyone doing our program, reading our newsletter or simply following us on Facebook. As it turns out people are hungry for knowledge on how to feed both body and mind for the long haul. So that’s what we want to give you on a daily basis – tips on living an optimally balanced life while living in the world you live in, because like we always say, life is not a diet.

March is going to be all about Spring Cleaning at Prescribe Nutrition. Out with the old and in with the new. We’ll be going over everything from cleansing superfoods to meditation to dealing with Spring allergies. Who’s in charge? Katie Jasper of Katie Jasper Health – mastermind of nutrition – with a specialty focus on brain & hormone health. Megan Morris of The Root of Health – sensei of nutrition – with a specialty focus on digestion and food allergies. Finally our beloved Anne Decker – mother of 2 brings us love on many levels.  There aren’t many ways to describe how we feel about her.  She’s smart, funny, organized, thinks BIG and might we say, damn beautiful – inside and out.

We’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening at Prescribe Nutrition. Right now we’re pretty darn excited about Eating Well asking us to run our New Year | New Rules  program for a THIRD time (!) and our next program: Get Balanced, which dives deep into the root cause of fatigue, excess weight and balancing your stress hormones. What are your stress hormones? Exactly.
Stay tuned and please let us know what YOU want to hear. We love feedback, comments and requests. Our dream is to make Prescribe Nutrition a hub for interactive wellness. Just getting folks saturated with knowledge. Love it.

Let’s rock a healthy & happy world TOGETHER,
Megan & Katie