During my first pregnancy, working long hours on my feet, people often exclaimed, “You must be exhausted!” As a first-time mother with a fussy newborn, I heard it a lot again –  “You must be exhausted!” Then, with a six month old in my arms and an already blossoming belly, I started hearing, “Wow!! You must be really exhausted!” To be frank, I HATE the word exhausted–and I despised feeling that way. 
Reflecting back on that time in my life, I didn’t question the way I felt because everyone around me was validating my feelings. What I now know is that, in fact, it isn’t normal to travel through life in a fog of fatigue. I get excited to share pieces of my journey because what I learned {and continue to learn!} has changed my life…
A year and a half ago, I was a mother of a six month old and an eighteen month old and knee-deep in my journey as a parent of children with food allergies. Although food allergies have been a source stress, I am also incredibly thankful for what we experienced because it launched me onto my path as an information-seeking maniac on a passionate pursuit of health and wellness for myself and my family. If I had to sum all of the incredible information up and pack it in a nutshell it would be this: food matters. That might sound stupidly obvious, after all, there is a documentary called “Food Matters.” But you know what, it couldn’t be stated more plain and simple {not to mention true}–unless of course one wanted to say, “Food really, really, really matters, like a lot.” But, then it isn’t so plain and simple sounding, is it?
So here is the good news: you CAN feel better. Changing the way you eat WILL change the way you feel. I am talking more energy, better quality sleep, elevated moods, and I have to mention looking better because, well because it’s true, and it would be a lie if I told that didn’t feel great, too. I don’t have to tell you how this will make you a better parent and spouse; I know you get the picture!
The even better news: this can be largely achieved by eating whole foods. No “diet,” no fasting, no crazy exercises, or being the guinea pig to crazy pills that are awaiting FDA approval. And guess what happens when you introduce eating whole foods to your dinner table? You never have to worry about what you are putting in your children’s’ bodies because you’ll know {and it won’t include any ingredients you can’t pronounce}. Goodbye, Mommy (and daddy) guilt!
I know that I couldn’t have been successful on my journey to feeling like “me” again alone. I needed to find a guide. Someone, or in this case two people, who live and breathe holistic nutrition. To have recipes, support, and questions answered along the way is crucial in starting a new way of eating. And the cherry on top is that this help comes from two lovely, brilliant professionals. I cannot thank Katie Jasper and Megan Morris enough for making me a healthier person, and better wife and mother. Although they will probably only take credit for the former, we all know that they go hand in hand!
From my happy heart to yours, 
Anna Decker