Is it time to say goodbye to dairy?  More and more people are considering it, and an increasing amount of health professionals are recommending it.  Why would we give up something we grew up on, something we were told “does a body good?”  Mark Bittman writes a good argument on why you may want to consider passing on dairy in “Got Milk? You Don’t Need It.” 
50 million people are lactose intolerant.  90% of Asian-Americans and 75% of African Americans can’t tolerate dairy.  So why is the Department of Agriculture still recommending 3 cups daily for every man, woman and child?  Sure it contains nutrients: protein, calcium, etc.  But is it worth it if you have a sensitivity or allergy?  No!  Being the second most common food allergy, it’s mind boggling that milk is still promoted as a universal health food.  I was thrilled to see Bittman discuss the very real role milk plays in digestive distress; he focuses on GERD (acid reflux).  Simply removing it from the diet may alleviate it.  But want to know something?  If you’ve got any gastrointestinal distress, the first thing that should go is dairy.  Nervous about calcium?  You can get it elsewhere (sesame seeds, dark leafy greens, sardines, tofu).  Besides, the keys to bone health are exercise (particularly strength training) and Vitamin D.  So maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the presence of dairy in your life.
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